A Guessing Game (Round Started)

A normal guessing game for fun, if this get popular then probably giving rewards like an exclusive car

-You just say something that was in topic on what you should guess
Ex :
“Pick something with “Z” in it that drives” - answer with “Pagani Zonda” :white_check_mark:
-answer with “Nissan GT-R” :x:

-Every 1-3 first person who guess gets more point
1 - 4 points
2 - 3 points
3 - 2 points
Rest - 1 points
the guessting topic changes every day
And after a week, a round ends, the winner is the one with most score

-After a round ends, you will choose a gamemode
Ex :
No wrong answer = if the guess was false, then you lose a point
Hard mode = usually with very few answers

-Thread not for chatting, unless a topic ends or round ends and you have a time to discuss about the thread before starting, on topic only
-No inappropriate answer unless allowed (ex : Austrian painter, 9/11, etc)
-No race car guesses unless allowed
-If your answer is wrong, you cannot answer the right one - you cannot edit answer (edits are checked)
-Must answer with car model (no trim answer - like Aventador SV) unless allowed
-You cannot answer with something that already answered by someone
-Modified cars are allowed (like Hennessey, 9ff, RB, LB, mansory etc)

I don’t get how this works at all?

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Ex :
“Pick an italian car with V12 engine”
Your correct answer is “Lamborghini Aventador” (you can also answer other cars that is right like murcielago, diablo, countach)
The questions will be much harder than this

What will the starting question be?

Can you use an image?
And have people guess the car (gen 1 nissan rogue) in the picture?

Actually that would sort of just be this



Important, you cannot answer if someone already, like if someone answer with like “a”, you cannot answer that too, you must answer with something different that is right

Round 0 (Practice Round) - No Rewards - Normal Gamemode

“Pick a coupe with acceleration 0-60 MP/H slower than 5.5 seconds

wait you said slower? oops

2001 honda civic coupe

My former Peugeot 406 Coupe :stuck_out_tongue:

Ford Probe GT?

Ford Model A :roll_eyes:

Mercedes W123 300CD?

1990 Ford Mustang LX 5.0

Frisky Coupe

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7 hours left (or look at my latest comment and see how many hours left to 1 day ago)

Topic ended! (Everyone has right answer)
Standings :
DoesStuff - 4
Hshan - 3
Abg7 - 2

Rest - 1

Next :
“Pick a supercar with engine smaller than 3.0L

Note - Supercars will count if it has less than 4s 0-60 and top speed higher than 174 MP/H

Another note - You cannot pick a car trim, you must pick with “Aventador” but no “Aventador SV”, that means if someone already guess “Aventador” you cannot answer with that again until next one

You also cannot pick race cars

Ferrari 296 GTB

McLaren Artura?

2008 Tesla roadster - 3.9s 0-60 according to them