A new Sledge for Santa

So Santa requested a Sledge. The reindeers aren’t avaliable this year. (Strike because of bad work conditions).
So he needs a fast Sledge and it has to be red.
A lot Cargo volume is needed as you can imagine.
It has has to be street legal and needs a good safety. (would you want to be the reason of Santa’s dead?).
The price should be below 75000. (Santa sold some Coka Coka shares :relaxed:)
An it has to be relaiable (Hey it’s just one day) and quite and not to smelly .
And as he drives all day long, it has to be easy to drive with a hint of comfort.

Body: Van,Truck,Stationwagon,SUV
Year 2016
Price :75000 at 0%
Avg. reliability :70
2 Seats
Comfort over 30
Fuel consumption under 20l/100km or better than 11,76MPG (US)
Only one Wing per car, and only 2 Lips

Eng. reliability :50
Loudness :under 40
Emissions : under 200

No negativ quality sliders are allowd.

It will be Judged :
Drivability 1x
Practicality 1x
Utility 1x
Lap-Time at the Green-Hell. 2x

Scoring is: the first get the Point equal to the number of entrants the last gets 1 at each Category.

Entrants are open until 24 Dec 23:59 C.E.T.
Model:Your Name
Trim: Car Name
Engine Family:Your Name
Variant:name of the engine


so… will the year be 2016 or 2017? any naming instructions? is it just cargo space that will be judged?

Edited first Post hope your questions got answerd

We postponing Christmas this year? :laughing:


Santa needs his sleigh on time! Think of the children! :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay, you are right. Less time to build i change it to the 24 :grin:

I thought that a longer opening will lead to more entrant’s. I really hope for more then 4 entrants…:slight_smile:

Is that a typo or, based on the photo in the OP, a Mustang joke?


It’s just British English. AE would be sled.

We have one entrant at his moment.


Oh. That makes sense. I always call it a sleigh. That’s why I wasn’t sure if it was the Queen’s.

No Problem

Dear Santa,
if yours truly still is still looking for a suitable car to make your deliveries tonight, we from Taore might have something UTE-able for that task!

We wish you a merry Christmas, and a guaranteed safe ride into the new year!

4lge - Taore Pratinum IX UTE.zip (33.8 KB)

PS: With only around 25 loudness, it is also one of the most silent cars out there! So you don’t accidentally wake anyone up by accident :slight_smile:

PSno2: Nope, that’s not a typo: Tare had a slight name change, as I’m now finalizing what the heck that company is supposed to be :wink:


You can submit until i close the Deadline and after that you have one day again. That cristmass don’t allow many other than usual Christmass stuff…

2 Entrants until now, i hope for some more guys!

I would like to participate, but unfortunately I’ve just found out about the challenge right now.

You can build a car, I will tell when I close the deadline soon enough!

Thank you! But don’t hold it up just for me, I still need to fix my notebook.

Sorry for the long time, had alot more to do than i thougt, i think in a week i will have more time.

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No matter what you do, but for this year, Christmas would be early :laughing:

I am aware this was addressed, but I cannot help to be facetious.


So is this dead or what, @Newtonmeter?

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