A problem when viewing stats

Is there a way to move or get rid of this annoying thing as it blocks view of some stats and is really REALLY irritating


Sadly I can’t provide any help, but I can provide this mildly entertaining screenshot of the forum trying to be as cool as the game:


Do you still get that to happen? If so, how? We have never seen that ourselves but need to in order to be able to fix it. :s

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I have this issue as well. For me the fixture tool appears immediately after loading my first car after launching the game. I don’t need to go to the fixtures tab or select any fixtures. If I switch to any tab, including engine tabs, the tool stays on top and blocks the stats.

I have found that if I click the “back to main menu” button and then load a new car, the tool will go away. However, once I select a fixture the tool appears and then stays, continuing to block stats until I go back to main menu and load a new car. If I switch cars without going back to the main menu, the tool stays.

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Thanks for the detailed description of the behavior, that will likely help narrow down the issue. :slight_smile:

This issue is fixed for me in the 4.1.13b beta, thanks!