A question regarding installation

Hi there. I recently got the demo, and I was so impressed with it, I decided to go ahead and consider buying the full game. I do have a question, however:

My current PC, while decent, isn’t exactly one of the best computers for gaming…I’ve noticed that the Automation Demo, though it runs okay overall, does lag quite a bit when first loading. So, my question is, what if one were to initially buy the full Automation game for one computer, but ended up wanting to re-install it on another computer, because it runs better there, or, perhaps, because the first computer crashed? Would I have to buy the game all over again, or would that not be a problem(I’m thinking that having a key might prove helpful, perhaps?)?

I’m mainly asking myself because I’ve had the misfortune of losing not one, but two (laptop) PCs over the past year, and that I’m also planning on buying a second PC that’s better for gaming, some point over this next year or so, and one that’s likely to be a (small form) desktop at that. :wink:

(P.S., I sincerely apologize if this question has been answered already, but my searches haven’t seemed to have give me much info on that, TBH, although I admit it’s quite possible I may have missed something.)

Your key and username allows you to download login and play on any computer you want.

Well, okay then. thank you so much for clearing this up for me; probably saved me hours of further futile searches. :smiley: