A Taste for Convertibles [Submissions Closed! Pending Judgement]

A Taste For Convertibles

This round will only be held on Open Beta branch.

December 27th, 1988. Somewhere, some country in EU

Massive wall of flavor text incoming

“Four winds at the four winds bar
Two doors barred and windows locked
One door let to take you in
The other one just mirrors it…”

James wakes up listening to the first bridge of Astronomy, by Blue Oyster Cult. His father is probably playing it on his boombox. He takes a brief moment to think.

“Hah, what an appropriate song to wake up to. There is no way out of this. No escape from the reality. No matter how much I dream, I’ll always be brought back to the world in the most cruel way possible…”

He thinks to himself as he looks at the magazine he was reading before falling asleep. The page that was open…

“Goddammit, I’ll probably never get the car. The rate I’ve been saving my money at, it’s gonna take me another whole year to even come close to owning the premium targa model… This is dumb, I should just buy a decent convertible sports car with the money I’ve got at this moment. It’s not like I’m gonna find a new better job out of thin air and earn a good amount just like that…”

He thinks to himself as he readies up for the day. His apartment room is looking messier than usual, thanks to him not giving a crap about most things anymore. He knows he has a job and he has to keep working to not starve himself, he knows he has a girlfriend who he’s been with the past few years or so and wishes to keep that way, and he knows that he needs a new sportscar. That’s all that matters to him right now.

Things went to utter shit for him last year. He had a beautiful 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix Coupe, a car that he loved very dearly. He’s not a huge muscle car fanatic but he fell for this one the moment he looked at it. Always thought he’d never let that car go… Until one day a truck collided with him head on. The driver was drunk and fled the scene after the accident. It was a rather quiet part of the town and at the dark of the night, the collusion left him unconscious…

Fast forward a few days and he’s in a hospital. The Grand Prix’s massive front overhang and body saved him, but the car itself was wrecked, far from restorable. It had to be sent to the yard. James was quite badly injured too, with a broken knee, few broken ribs and of course… trauma. Even after he was discharged he had to stay bed-locked for several months. And just when things couldn’t get any worse for him, the company he worked in for several years now, found a loop-hole in the policy and managed to lay him off while replacing him with someone else. James was left in ruins…

He has been slowly trying to pick himself up from all the shit he’s been in to. His girlfriend, Lily, has been quite supportive and caring. He now has a considerably worse but stable job. But for a car, he now owns this piece of shit:

The rover’s dismal 0-60 time and the inability to properly merge on the highways, rather average handling and the Almost ready to explode Honda K engine made James more depressed every time he drove the car. Not to mention its interior and electronics were as shoddy as they could be and the ride was so terrible that he’d much rather prefer his dad’s old 70s Corolla.

“Oh well… Here I go again, driving to my work on this godforsaken car…”


It was a horn he knew too well. He looked outside his window. It was lily, in her Honda Prelude Si. She came to pick him up to work despite him asking not to do so.

“This girl… Why doesn’t she ever listen to me…”

15 mins later, Lily and James were on the 'lude with James on the wheels. Lily prefers to let James drive when they’re together as James won’t be driving a decent car for a long time. Every little bit helps, she says.

“So, how’s the savings going?”

“Not good… I need another whole year to get enough money to buy a Velvet.”

“Hmm… if there was any way I could…”

“Lily, please, you’re already doing a lot for me!”

“Okay okay calm down… How much do you have now?”

“I have around 30 grand or so. 35 if I really push it.”

Lily takes her time to think a bit, then proceeds to speak again.

“I mean, can’t you buy a decent car with that money already? Like there are some really good Euro or Japanese cars and even American cars for that kind of money.”

“I’m not sure Lily, I’ve been wanting that Velvet for such a long time… And I want a convertible too.”

“Are you sure you can keep driving that Rover for another year, James? And besides there are convertible sports cars available at that price too that are very good you know…”

“I… I’m not sure. I hate to think that I won’t be able to get the Velvet after all this time, but… I think you’re right, having to drive a shit car for another whole year is a much more frightening thought.”

“Yes, James. Listen to me, let’s look for a brand new car from February of next year. You’ll have some extra money by then. I’m sure the current market has plenty of good convertible sports cars for the money you have. Do yourself a favor and get this over with instead of waiting for a car that’d be too expensive to buy AND maintain.”

“Perhaps, I could do that…”

A few minutes of silence later.

“Alright then, let’s start looking for convertibles from today.”

“That’s the spirit! And promise me you’ll take me out on the first ride of your new car!”

“You bet I will.”

Alright there was the brief and all.

TL;DR is, James and his girlfriend are car enthusiasts who appreciate fun to drive, fast, yet relatively comfortable cars. (If you already couldn’t tell by the cars they own/owned). And from the last part, you can tell James wants a convertible and only a convertible.

Where do they live? Doesn’t matter. Somewhere in EU with not a lot of motorcar limitations at all.

Restrictions and Guidelines

  • Trim Year: 1984-1989

  • Max Engine/Trim ET: 135

  • Max Engine/Trim PU: 135

  • Price cap: 35,000 Automation Pesos. However if you have a REALLY good case, I’ll consider up to 40 grand. But it has to be REALLY good

  • Fuels: 91 RON or 95 RON doesn’t really matter just use premium

  • Max Loudness: No more than 35 but if you’ve got a really good car with a beautiful engine tone, I’ll consider up to 40

  • Minimum Safety: 37. Standard 80s safety at least is MANDATORY. However if it’s not available for you, pick the next standard safety tech available to you

  • If it’s a heavy enough car and from the late 80s, I’d highly suggest to put in ABS.

  • Seating is a bit complicated. Basically:

  1. You’re allowed to post 2 seater convertibles. 2 seats is all James needs. He gives fuck all about practicality.
  2. However, cars with 2 rows need to have at least 4/5 seats.
  3. If it’s a 2 row body, and if it makes sense, you are allowed to use +2 or +3 on the rear.
  4. If you have a mid/rear engined car, you can submit a car with one row only
  • It’s 1989, catalytic converters in the EU aren’t really mandatory yet. You can futureproof your car by adding them but I won’t be giving cats a huge priority.


  • Only bodies that are allowed are:


I'll explain this further down below
  • To avoid cheesing the rules:
  1. Minimum Drivability: 33
  2. Minimum Sportiness: 30
  3. Minimum Comfort: 17
  4. Minimum Reliability: 59
  • NO 4x4 pls. FWD, RWD and AWD are allowed. However, James prefers either RWD or AWD. Rear biased AWD is fine as well.

  • Given the price range, I will not prefer anyone sending a car with Fiber Glass panels. However Aluminum is fine if it makes sense for the car.

  • If you have a car with 2 rows but using Mid Engine layout, feel free to ditch the second row completely

Other Priorities

  • Basically the big 3 aka Drivability, Comfort and Sportiness
    James prefers a car that he can have fun driving around, push it to the limits when he wants but also daily it and not have it break his back while doing so. Besides he’ll be taking his girlfriend to frequent rides, so he definitely doesn’t want to put her in any discomfort.

  • Styling
    James just came off a 1982 Pontiac Grand Prix Coupe and almost was going to buy a Corvette C4 Marvin Velvet. He wants his cars to be beautiful and sleek. Also here’s where a good majority of styling point comes into play…
    It doesn’t matter if you’re submitting a car that’s considered as a convertible in game. If you’re submitting a car for this competition, I EXPECT you to chop the roof off. Basically like the advert you saw above, or:

Car by @Mad_Cat taken from discord

car by @doofus taken from discord

  • Performance His previous car did 0-60 in under 7 seconds. If he’s buying a new car, he expects at least something similar or better. Under 7 seconds is the priority here

  • Service Costs Please keep it under $1150 if you can thank you. The last thing James wants is service costs cutting through his arse. Not a hard limit but definitely a priority. If you have a good case though I can consider more up to a degree.

  • Prestige Eh I mean at least don’t make the car seem like a shitbox? Something like 25 prestige or more is FINE

  • Safety The Grand Prix saved James from certain death. He knows he won’t be getting anything near it if he is going to buy a lightweight sports convertible now but he does expect the latest safety features at the very least.

  • Environmental Resistance Not as important but James gets attached to cars he owns. The last thing he wants is his new car rusting to death within 10 years or so.

What doesn't matter

  • Practicality
  • Utility
  • Costing significantly lower than the budget cap
  • Emissions Unless it’s really fucking bad
  • Offroad lol

Oh and one more thing… I already am allowing bodies that aren’t inherently convertibles, so you guys can have fun.

I also allowed having no cats on your cars because fuck cats

Here’s one last thing I’m gonna do…

You’re gonna love me for this

Manual Gearbox is preferred!

Here lie a bunch of visual AND/OR performance related inspirations


please don’t send me a car that has reliability equal to this one tho

A few words on why I'm hosting this

This will be a one off challenge first of all. The winner doesn’t host the next round. If there’s going to be a sequel in the future, I will be hosting it. But this is a round to compensate for the lack of challenges we’re having due to the stalled Stable version of the update. Hence the CSR-likeness of this challenge.

Round starts from… basically now lol. If there’s any question or issues you have with the rules or the challenge in general, let me know below.

Naming Convention:

Car and Engine model: ATFC - Your Forum Username
Car Trim: Brand name and model of car
Engine Trim: Engine name

Round Deadline: Here

Wish you guys all the very best of luck!

Useful mods for this comp


Buy a Mustang :stuck_out_tongue:
but I can’t wait, as long as I have the history sorted out

Japanese cars better REEEEEEE

I mean the first car that came in my mind that was affordable and had some combination of the big 3 was the Foxbody GT convertible. Also I think aftermarket support is huge too.

My thoughts on this not-a-CSR that feels like a CSR:

I’m assuming that James and Lily may accept a car whose model year is 1983 or earlier, although they are unlikely to go for anything whose origins are too ancient.

I don’t think they would want a 4x4, though, so that particular drivetrain should not be permitted; on the other hand, FWD, RWD and AWD will all be allowed.

This means that although there’s no actual need to do so, we should make our submissions look like convertibles, even if they’re not.

Also, the budget caps for this CSR-esque challenge are fairly generous and appropriate - I see no problems with that. As for this next one:

For cars with 2 rows of seats, must the rear seats be full-sized? Or will 2+2 configurations be accepted?

I take this to mean that racing intakes and exhaust headers are not permitted - and I don’t think billet steel cranks will be either, given that they require a CNC shop.

As for fiberglass or full aluminum panels, can we use those or not?

And what about the naming scheme? I would suggest ATFC - (user name) for model and trim this time around.

Edit: Thanks for clarifying the rules and suggestions.

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As I said, sole reason why it exists is the lack of CSR like challenges over the past weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah yes, I must make clear that although these 3 are allowed, RWD and AWD are the more preferred ones.

You’d be right about that. Something like a 5-6 years old model is fine by me. Any older would be questionable.

100% accepted! That’s what his Grand Prix Coupe would be as well. I’ll make it clear


I would NOT prefer fiber glass at all given the price range. Alu is fine if it makes sense. I’ll clear it up above.

Completely forgot that haha! I’ll add this in. ATFC sounds nice

OK, have to step in here. The K series engine was manufactured by Rover, the 216. K series engines were AWFUL. It was a terrible powerplant.

The 1.3 Honda engine, SD3, was a dream. It pulled better, was quieter and bulletproof reliability.

So yes, the K series would probably grenade itself but it was made by the pinnacle of British engineering…


Huh, TIL. You can tell I’m not ALL that much knowledgable about rovers. But aite good to know my boi Honda didn’t fuck up heh


in the essence of going off topic the rover in the example above never used the k series engine. it only had a honda 1.3 or rover s series 1.6 engine. the k series didnt get used until the rover metro and mk2 rover 200


Aite I fucked up a bit with the Rover now and honestly sorry for that :joy:


My bad, though the early K series wasn’t much better than the S.

Coming soon from Seikatsu.

Setting the mood

Enjoy Yourself


How do you do that? I’m assuming it’s a mod? If it is a mod, then, which mod is it?


Targa roofs allowed? If yes, then, does a targa car have to have it’s roof chopped off?

These will be your friend this challenge.

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S-cop answered your first question above.

As for your second, Targas are definitely allowed and also a preferred style to a degree. And yes the targa has to have the roof chopped off.


I think this value is a bit on the low side, and puts most mid-engined cars at a distinct disadvantage due to their limited engine bay space. $1000 to $1200 would therefore be more appropriate for recommended trim servicing costs.

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As a matter of fact, after a discussion on discord, I did decide to increase the soft limit.


New soft limits for service cost is 1150 bucks. However if you’ve got a good case, I can overlook up to a certain point.

Also PU limit has been upped by 10


It might be worthwhile someone in the know giving a quick overview of how to make the roof disappear, I’ve downloaded both the mods linked in this thread but after half an hour of farting about, I can’t figure out how to make a top-down convertible at all, which is a shame because it’s a fun challenge.

1989 Atera CPX

The 1989 Atera CPX is a brand new lightweight mid-engined sports car from Atera Automotives with the help of Lotus where they helped tuning the suspension and the engine.

“Now, that looks like Nissan 240sx tailights.” Because you are right! Atera SPX borrows the same light to help reduce the cost and and making easier people to find parts to replace it.

Powered by 2.1L naturally aspirated Boxer 4 although the pic above shows i3 but just too lazy to take new one lol producing up to 155hp, 181nm of torque.

Inside features a sporty interior with standard casette equipped but don’t worry, it is still comfortable ride thanks to Lotus tuning. What makes a great handling car is the car is equipped with Double Wishbone on the front and the rear and body panels are made out of fibre glass, making the car weight around 924kg.

Fibre glass car it is but the car cost around $31600, an affordable yer reliable car too.


I’ll be posting some guidelines on it soon™