A Taste for Convertibles [Submissions Closed! Pending Judgement]

Lorier wants to know your location


OLSSON 3230 OC (Orkan Convertible)


1988 Warren Aspire GT600

by @ryan93 and @mat1476

Low volume import with German engineering and American Styling? WHAT CAN POSSIBLY GO WRONG.



1989 MAD Kestrel GT Spider

A legend in the making, on sale now and yours for just $28,000.

From behind


I didn’t Photoshop because work

and I copied mat for this ad style

More photos...



Less than 24 hours remain till submission closes.

The people I've received entries from so far are:


I don’t see any ads as of now that have missing entries.

If you want to send an entry, do it ASAP as you have less than 24 hrs from now!
If your name is missing from the above confirmation post but you DID send me a car, hit me up.

PS: JFC 29 entries :sweat_smile: reviews are gonna take a while


Umm I think you forgot me :stuck_out_tongue:
I was one of the earlier ones btw

Almost forgot to update this post… oops!

Look at it this way. It's either an expensive sports car or a very reasonable racecar.

The new Zacspeed ONE Turbotarga is not an automobile built to the standards of a mere street car, but to the impossibly high standards of a race car. From its immensely powerful 346-horsepower turbocharged Zacspeed boxer-six engine, now more audible by the inclusion of a targa top, to its massive ABS-fortified three-piston vented disc brakes, it is not just the world’s ultimate open-top sportscar. It is the ultimate open-top Zacspeed.

The result? An automobile capable of accelerating from zero to sixty-two in a mere 3.40 seconds and able to stop from that speed in 106.3 feet. Throw an aggressive, lightweight aero kit derived from previous race cars into the mix, and you have a monster that will throw itself into corners on demand. True, that extra ten percent that separates the truly exceptional in this world from the merely good doesn’t come easily… or cheaply. One test drive, however, and we believe you’ll agree it’s worth every penny.

The Zacspeed ONE Turbotarga.

Do you know how fast you were going?


Submissions Closed!

Thanks to everyone participating in this challenge. I honestly didn’t expect 29 entries. I’m glad that people like to take part in challenges where the overall rulesets are a bit more liberal.

I’m going to do the reviews a bit different than usual. So it will definitely take more time, and the reviews are going to come all at once instead of in multiple rounds.

Please be patient, and the reviews should be there soon :tm:


I’m in danger


Small update on the situation of ATFC

Okay I’ll be honest, technically speaking… the reviews are done.

It’s just I had a read through the entire thing yesterday and tbh there’s a lot of things that I’d like to mend,
and the format I’ve chosen to follow for the review requires some attention to detail as well.

Like I said, this was a bit of an ambitious project of mine and I really don’t want to ruin it with a
half-assedly finished review.

And no I promise this won’t end up like QDC sorry quotex :joy:

That’s all!




It’s been almost a month since submissions closed, and two-and-a-half weeks since the last update on this challenge. Any word on when the results come out? I would like to see a satisfactory conclusion as much as any other entrant.


Ah yes yes irresponsible of me to leave you guys completely at the dark.

Situation Update # who the fuck knows at this point

So, a few things have changed since the last update. I now have a day job, I’m having to oversee my dad’s business and I’m also having to do all the usual family/home stuff. I have not however given up on the reviews. They’re just being done painfully slowly and trust me no one is feeling bad about it any more than myself.

I have even stopped logging into discord just because of how busy I’ve become. But I really really wish to finish it this month, with only 13 something days left for me to go over most of the cars for a decent review. I don’t want to release any subpar reviews at all.

Seeing the reaction of a few people who saw a glimpse of what I am making, I’m confident that it will be worth the wait :wink:

Again I’m extremely sorry for this delay and there will be a few more days of it, but it definitely isn’t abandoned.


Most possibly the final situation update on this thread

ATFC Reviews were being written on a snail’s pace due to excessive workload on me and I’m very glad to announce that they’re finally finished.

However, the layout of my review method is still under work and honestly, I don’t see any way of finishing them until the end of next week or so.

I had someone ask me if my review format is going to be like my CSC32 review format. I’ll have you know:

It’ll be much more ambitious than that

I had another person message me via a different social media platform that’s not discord or discourse, where they practically berated me for not releasing ATFC yet. I won’t name that person and I honestly don’t know what caused them to behave so erratically, and I won’t hold any grudge against them either.


If anyone else is feeling the same amount of anger as that person for me not being able to push out ATFC results, know this:

I have a life outside automation. Most of us do. And I’m very happy that 28 people decided to spend time and take part in a virtual challenge of mine on a Video Game where the reward is technically NOTHING. I appreciate every single one of you for it.

But please consider that when real life gets in the way, when the economic situation of your family solely depends on you, when you can’t even afford to sit on your PC for an hour without ruining your schedule, a delay is inevitable for stuff like an Automation challenge

I have said this before and I’ll say it again, it was a very ambitious project of mine that may or may not flop honestly. And I didn’t even consider how much time and effort it would take to finish it. But I still very much want to finish it, trust me.

All that said, I ask you these questions:

  • Do you still care about ATFC results?
  • Do you mind waiting another week or two for them?
  • Do you want to make my brain implode with unbearable daily workload?

Now answer the questions in your mind and vote in the pole below:

  • Stay alive and delay the results
  • Don’t give a shit about you, give us results as quickly as possible

0 voters

As always, extremely sorry for the delay, but real life comes first.

Thank you for your patience!


yo are you still delivering medical supplies to remote areas by foot?

People should know the good work that you’re doing and be ashamed of their greasy keyboard warrior entitlement.


EDIT: finally read the post you made above. Doesn’t seem like you’d have time for that now. Doesn’t change what I said!


Honestly what a fucking manchild this “person“ (it’s hard to even call them that) is to do this to you. A lot of people are working rough days with lots of pent up stress and frustration on their minds and to come back to shit like that even pisses me off.

I’m happy you’re putting so much effort into this challenge, many of us are excited for what is to come. Good luck and take it easy!


I’d rather have you prioritize real-life matters first before releasing the reviews, if it makes us happier in the long term.


Imagine not being able to wait


Holy shit so many replies

Besides doing my dayjob, I’m now overseeing dad’s business that required me to deliver those medical supplies. Although, I still have to occasionally deliver those supplies on car to other people who do the job of delivering them by foot now. So yeah, I guess in a way, I’m partially doing it :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m honestly kinda surprised that you remember it because I don’t remember telling you that aaaaaaa

I mean if anything, it gave me a good chuckle to think about how much a person can be detached from life that they think a video game challenge comes before real life lmao. And thanks for understanding brother.

Hehe I hope it makes you guys happier because otherwise it would mean all this effort and time went to shit

Well not everyone is blessed with even a half-mature brain apparently :stuck_out_tongue:

I appreciate every single one of you for your replies and support. Honestly, I haven’t been appreciated this much in a community in a while. Feels good :joy:

Thank you so much guys, I can only hope my reviews are decent enough to compensate for this long wait.