AB-Monozukuri - Through The Eras [WIP]

AB-Monozukuri: A brief history
A Japanese firm, formed off of the back end of WW2, with humble beginnings in a small unit outside of Yokohama, producing small motorcycles, until in the mid 50s, when it broke into the car market. It has remained a staple, a cliché, symbolising Japanese honesty and reliability in its products ever since.
The company’s history will grow longer and longer by the week (if I remember to add the cars I build…)

1950s AB-Monozukuri
In the 1950s, AB are starting to form a bond with their Japanese market, featuring small cars for families. They have small (almost but not quite kei cars) in the form of the I500, and larger family cars such as the I1200.
The unimaginative naming system tells the buyer exactly what they’re getting, in the case of the I500, an Inline engine with 500cc. AB aim to be economical and reliable and want to provide excellent, honest service to their customers, aspiring to reach the heights of the British manufacturer, Austin Cars. Disarmament allows the company to develop technologies, working on Automatic gear boxes, aiming to improve the comfort and smooth driving experience.

AB-Monozukuri I500 ES

This small car produces just 16hp and 21nm of torque, but can easily zip through side streets, while minute in size, it is not quite a Kei car. What is lost in regulation is made up for in the ability to seat 5 people, while carrying your shopping home.

AB-Monozukuri I1200 Free-O-Matic

The Free-O-Matic was a 2 speed Automatic, the first of which it toyed with. These cars provided a high level of finish, with a great price for a struggling post-war country. Up front, producing the power, was a 1200cc Inline-4 producing a modest 44hp, propelling the vehicle to over 120km/h, with 2 full bench seats, it could hold an entire extended family.


Big and powerful is not the way to launch a car brand that got its start so soon after the end of the Second World War - but what you have shown us is the exact opposite. They may have been slow, but they were cheap enough for a cash-strapped market.

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1960s AB Monozukuri

The very belated next instalment!
In this decade, AB-Monozukuri realised that a philosophy should be stuck to, cheap, small cars for all the family, with the I1200 selling until 1968, running alongside it’s replacement - the I1100 S Coupe.

AB Monozukuri I1100

The 1100 had a 50hp Inline 4, a 6hp improvement on it’s predecessor, the I1200, with a plastic rear fascia and all in one taillights. This snazzy little car could motor on to 90mph and retailed for just under $10000US

Kyung-Yeong Ssanvan 1800 by AB Monozukuri

This car was presented to Kyung-Yeong as their upcoming Ssanvan model as part of Codename Indistinct II which is currently pending the result of judging. It has a 70hp I4 which powers to over 100mph, while being such a large engine for its class, it still achieved over 25MPG (Imperial).

Edit: Being the total muppet I am, I didn’t properly read the rule set and whacked the wrong chassis on it… at least it was complimented on design!