[Abandoned] Falling_Comet's Designs

This is basically my car companies showcases of someone my recent Automation creations. Nothing else to it. All good and simple.

Stating off with my first design!

The Suisei AC Ryu.

It is the companies latest 2020 Hyper car.

The Suisei AC Ryu is the 2020 hyper car in the company. The approximate cost $573 000. It can achieve a top speed of 400kph/248mph and accelerate to 100kph in 2.1 seconds with its formidable AWD system doing a quarter of a mile in 8.82 seconds. It weighs 1.5 tons same as the Suisei AC GT Amara.

The engine makes 1323Hp/987kw with 1333Nm/983lb-ft at peak power with it able to rev at 10000RPM out of a V16 7L TT with 1.4 Bars of boost. However, it can achieve 7.1km per L


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Nice design! :smiley:
Did you do the lines on the tail with bumper bars?

Sorry for the late respond,

I used one of the thin chrome bars and repainted it to the panel colours and i also used mudflaps as some of the sharp aero at the rear.

Upcoming contender to the Suisei Ryu!

The Suisei AC Hyper Fuji XF


Suisei AC are back with another contender to the 2020 Hyper car in its production line!

The Suisei AC Hyper Fuji XF is another hyper car in the company with a cost of $515,000. The car is faster then the Suisei AC Ryu but is slightly heavier. But in return it possesses a powerful 6.5L V12 TT that puts out almost 1500Hp to all wheels.

It can accelerate to 100kmph in 2.3 seconds, slightly slower, but can reach 431kmph /261mph, faster then the Suisei AC Ryu. It can achieve 6.8km per litre.


It seems improbable, but you have outdone yourself with the Hyper Fuji XF! It looks, goes, feels and sounds even better than your first effort - and that’s saying something.

Thanks! I try to improve myself, and learn from new experiences. Recently trying older types of styling from the 80s to 90s mostly by getting into the latest CSR

My CSR107 Entry! :slight_smile: