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Reizei Heavy Industries (冷泉重工業) was established in 1946. Reizei offers a variety of cars for every market. From the cheap Kantan to the luxury GT Peralta, they do everything and anything. They currently are the head of the RBE Group.

Current Lineup

2009 KANTAN Budget Sedan Series
2010 HELIUM K Keijidosha Series [JAPAN ONLY]
2014 HELIUM Subcompact Series
2014 HELIUM K-S Sports Keijidosha Series [JAPAN ONLY]
2010 JIRITSU Pickup Series [US ONLY]
2016 HYDROGEN Semi-Premium Hatchback Series
2010 KUMO Small Sports Series
2015 OXYGEN Semi-Premium Sedan Series
2015 KATEI Minivan Series
2014 PUCHI Premium Small Sports Series
2014 TITANIUM Premium Muscle Series
2009 ALTITUDE GT Series
2014 PERALTA Premium GT Series
2016 IRIDIUM Luxury Sedan Series

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2015 Reizei Oxygen

Fun and comfort for everyone.

SE 2.0 shown in Alpine White.

The second generation Reizei Oxygen (冷泉・オキシジェン Reisen Okishijen) was unveiled at a Reizei conference in late 2014, and sales beginning in February of 2015, the second generation Oxygen was made to replace the first generation that debuted in 1998. It was released in Japan, Europe and the USA. The Oxygen is a midsize sedan designed to compete against the Tanaka Atlantis, Kurokama SC series and more.

The engines of the Oxygen range from the 1.6L HU2 SN16 I4 (turbo) to the 2.0L HU2 PN20 I4 (turbo & hybrid).


SE 2.0 shown in Alpine White

The Oxygen features “Claw” headlight extensions, which were completely new at the time. The X-grille stays here looking better than ever. The new upgraded Wave taillights are now modernized and angular.


SE 1.6 - Starting at $29,300
SE 2.0 - Starting at $30,200
AE 2.0 - Starting at $35,200
AE-S 2.0 - Starting at $42.000


For the SE 2.0

Engine - I4
Valvetrain - DOHC 16 Valve
Engine Displacement - 1998cc
Horsepower - 177 HP @ 6600 RPM
Torque - 232 Nm @ 3200 RPM
Redline - 7900 RPM
Aspiration - Ball-Bearing Turbocharger and Intercooler
Gasoline - Premium 95 Octane Required on JDM models / Standard 91 Octane on USDM / EUDM models
0-100 KPH - 9.55 Seconds
80-120 KPH - 7.08 Seconds
Quarter Mile - 16.99 Seconds
Standing Kilometer - 30.75 Seconds
Drivetrain - Transverse front-engine, front-wheel drive, 7-Speed Automatic Transmission
Weight Distribution - 55% Front / 45% Rear
Top Speed - 223 KPH
Weight - 1799 KG
Tires - P225/45R19 Front, P225/45R19 Rear
Seating - 5 Seats
Brakes - Solid Disc 400 MM 2-Piston Caliper Disc Brakes Front, Solid Disc 350 MM 1-Piston Caliper Disc Brakes Rear
Electric Power Steering
100 - 0 KPH - 36.5 M
Fuel Economy - 61.6 MPG City / 37.2 MPG Highway / 55.3 MPG Average

This car makes more sense as an MY15 car than a new model for 2017 - and it still reminds me of a contemporary Accord in terms of aesthetics and engineering.

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An announcement.

I will move every Reizei design to my Random Designs thread. This thread is going to be heavily inactive in the months passing by while the Random Designs thread is going to fill up.