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ABC Caravan Towing

- 2000s -
Caravan Towing

- Deadline for .car file and pictures is Friday 15th October 10pm UTC -

- Deadline for recorded laps is Monday 18th October 10pm UTC -

Background to the Round

So, it’s the 2000s and you have the craving to go on a holiday but you’re sad and you think buying a caravan is a good idea. ‘It’s like a house!’ you say, but we all know that is not true. ‘We’ll use it all the time’, as even deep down you know you’ll use it once and never touch it again. So, to pull your terrible horrorwagon forward, you need a car that can haul a pretty big load but still be okay to use for your family on a day to day basis. You’re thinking of a wagon, maybe even an SUV if you’re feeling funky. Maybe find a way to have a car that is as adventurous and outdoorsy as your new caravanning lifestyle *vomits*.

Aesthetics Brief

Inspiration cars - Volvo V70, VW Passat Estate, Audi A6, Land Rover Discovery, Ford S-Max

Brief - Practical family cars with a hint of luxury

Scoring for the Round

  • Fastest recorded beamng time trial lap time on Caravan Trial Italy, using the Caravan Timetrial Mod, by the team’s driver(s).
  • Automation Scores Calculation
    • Family Utility (in Hetvesia)
    • Towing Capacity
    • Driveability
    • Comfort
    • Reliability
    • Fuel Economy
    • Service Costs
  • The aesthetics vote - each team should submit 2 pictures of their car for aesthetics voting

Automation Rules

Full Car (Applies to both trim and engine, with PU/ET taken from here)

  • Car trim year/engine variant year - Must be between 2006 and 2009
  • Engineering time - Max 130
  • Sliders - Between -3 to 3
  • Price - Max $30,000
  • Markets - Min 100 in Family Utility (Hetvesia)


  • Pad type - Max 60
  • Wings - Must be none
  • Spoilers + lips - Must be none
  • Differential - Must be open
  • Seats - Max 5 full size, min 2 full size in first row
  • Towing capacity - Min 1,300 kg | 2866 lbs
  • Fixtures - Must have the vanilla Tow Bar fixture (otherwise the time trial will not work)


  • Race parts (including DCOE) - Must be none
  • Engine stress - Must be none
  • Displacement - Min 3,000cc
  • VVL - Must be none
  • Catalytic converter - Must have

To enter this competition, join the Automation Beam Championship discord server.

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Whenever I request General, it always fails to send the message.

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With the current round being set in Hetvesia, I reckon 95 RON premium unleaded should be mandatory.

We don’t tend to limit fuel for these challenges. We allow you to use whatever fuel you like, however, make sure that your fuel choice is available in the country! If it’s not 100% available, you’ll get a worse market score

I made car with my skilled engineering but I not good at very 2009 modern style. Any tip?

Man, just look at pictures of vehicles from that era and go from there :sunglasses:

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