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ABC Modern Premium Sports Cars

- 2010s -
Modern Premium Sports Cars

-- Deadline for .car file and pictures is this Sunday 10pm UTC --

-- Deadline for recorded laps is this Monday 10pm UTC --

Background to the Round

Imagine this: You’re in your 50s, you’ve just gotten a raise for the job you’ve been doing for the past 30 years and your wife is in the middle of her menopause. The kids are leaving the house, and dressing up in spandex and driving a racing bike isn’t fulfilling enough. You want something to show off your manliness, and it’s not a Harley. It’s a mid spec convertible with sporty styling but comfortable suspension, because you’re old and fragile, although you still haven’t fully accepted that yet.

Aesthetics Brief

Inspiration cars - Jaguar F Type, BMW Z4, Porsche Boxster, Audi TT, Mercedes SLK.

Brief - Premium sports cars, classy and not super aggressive looking

Scoring for the Round

  • Fastest recorded beamng time trial lap time on Uphill Sprint , using the Mount Glorious map, by the team’s driver(s).
  • Automation Scores Calculation
      • Sport or Convertible Sport (in Gasmea)
      • Comfort
      • Prestige
      • Sportiness Drivetrain and Performance %
      • Drivetrain Layout
    • The aesthetics vote - each team should submit 2 pictures of their car for aesthetics voting

Automation Rules

    Full Car (Applies to both trim and engine, with PU/ET taken from here)

    • Car trim year/engine variant year - Must be between 2015 and 2018
    • Engineering time - Max 150
    • Sliders - Between -1 to 5
    • Price - Max $50,000
    • Markets - Min 100 in Sport or Convertible Sport (Gasmea)


    • Tyre choice - No semi slicks
    • Pad type - Max 80
    • Wings - Max 1
    • Spoilers + lips - Max 2
    • Seats - Min 2 full size seats in first row


    • Race parts (including DCOE) - Must be none
    • Engine stress - Must be none
    • Fuel efficiency - Min 25%
    • Catalytic converter - Must have
    Naturally Aspirated
    • Displacement - Max 4,000cc
    • Cam/VVL Profile - Max 60
    • Displacement - Max 3,000cc
    • Cam/VVL Profile - Max 50
    • Boost Pressure - Max 1 bar/14.5 psi

To enter this competition, join the Automation Beam Championship discord server.

Any restrictions on fuel type? If so, 95 RON should be the maximum requirement.

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You can use whatever fuel you like, but remember that you get points for markets, so make sure the markets have the fuel you want to use available to you

So, it HAS to be a convertible?

Nope. You can go with either a normal car or converible. In the calculator, you will select which you have, and it will calculate your score from that. Convertibles should have slightly higher automation rating, however, they will be harder to get within the ET/max cost limit, as well as being slower (heavier) in beam for the lap time.

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Since the competition is in beam, do we race a fixtureless version of the car since fixtures that can break add weight to the car? A well designed car may end up being 100kgs heavier than another and then it’s at a disadvantage.


That’s part of it I’m afraid. 3D fixtures, and others, don’t weight anything, so you can focus on making use of them if you like

You didn’t actually answer the question. So we race with the normal car, despite other people having an advantage for a less fixture heavy design? Not particularly fair is it.

Is there a PU limit?
Why not a mpg requirement? Having an engine efficiency requirement is a bit weird.
How is the judging weighted with the market scores and individual comfort, prestige etc. Drivetrain layout is judged, but you have’t said what’s “good” or bad. Audi TT for instance some trims are FWD.

Why are teams submitting pictures to be judged? Surely it would be better with a level playing field if one person took all the pictures from the same angles, this is what has been done in other past competitions.


In theory yes, you could have a less fixture heavy design and save some weight (maybe 50kg). However, the driver’s championship is often won by the best teams, which means teams that can design very well. It doesn’t appear to slow many people down.

There is not PU limit. The reason we chose not to have an MPG requirement, is that it favoured lighter and lower drag bodies.

If you click on the calculator link, you’ll see how things are scored. All the maths is self contained there, so please check it out. FR is the highest scoring layout in the calculator, followed by FA, RR etc.

We have considered having all pictures from the same angle, and very nearly implemented that this season. In the end, the designers much rathered being able to take their own pics. So taking the pictures is part of the aesthetics skills.

Hope these answer your questions!

is this legal like this? 150 ET?

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Yup! Bang on the limit