ABC S12R2: 80's Minivans

Automation Beam Championship: Season 12 Round 2
80's Minivans

-- Deadline for .car file and pictures is the Friday 10th November 10pm UTC --
-- Deadline for recorded laps is the Monday 13th November 10pm UTC --

πŸ‘‰ Round rules

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How the championship works & Championship Rules

It is very important you fully read and understand the following document at least once. This explains how the championship works, how points are given out, along with all of the rules we will enforce. Please read this before entering any round this season, even if you have entered previous seasons as we have a few new rules, and also skim read this every round for new rules which will be highlighted in blue.

Please, pay close attention to the full πŸ‘‰ Championship Rules .

Background to the round

In the 1980s came the point where all suburban moms named Caroline or Barbara couldn't take all their seventy-two children to soccer practice in their horrible squarebody sedans. This is where the great American mind came into play: what if we build a van, but with seats? This is when the minivan came alive. minivans are neither mini nor vans, but we won't tell the Americans that.

"A small affordable van that looked and handled more like a car." ~ some Chrysler person

Aesthetics brief

We need squares and angles, people. We don't want anything to do with aerodynamics, just sheer flat surfaces everywhere. Make it 'premium' which translates from American English to 'cheap' in all of the rest of the Englishes.

Inspiration cars: Dodge Caravan, Ford Aerostar, Chevrolet Lumina, GMC Safari, Mitsubishi Space Wagon, Toyota Kijang, Mazda MPV

Scoring for the round

  1. Fastest recorded beamng time trial lap time on Ducking and diving on Italy by the team’s driver(s) πŸ‘‰ Time Trial
  2. Automation score πŸ‘‰ Calculator
    • Scored stats: Drivability, Comfort, Prestige, Practicality, Safety, Utility
    • Running cost: Fuel economy, Service cost, Reliability, Environmental resistance (utility), Engine size tax
    • Purchase price: Total material cost, Engine PU, Engine ET, Trim PU, Trim ET
  3. The aesthetics vote - each team should submit 2 pictures of their car for aesthetics voting

Automation rules

Full Car (Applies to trim and engine, ET/PU taken from πŸ‘‰ here )

  • Use the πŸ‘‰ Car Checking Sheet
  • Car trim/engine variant year - 1988
  • Body type - must be People Mover
  • Sliders - Must be 0 to 3
  • Techpool - Base value +2
  • Extra techpool - 20
  • Price - Max 15000
  • Engineering time - Max 65


  • Chassis type - LT Monocoque is NOT allowed.
  • Differential - Must be Open
  • Tyre choice - Must be hard or medium compound
  • Tyre rating - At least S
  • 100-0 km/h braking distance - Max 45 metres
  • Pad type - Max 50
  • Wings, Spoilers and Lips - Must be none
  • Seats - At least 7 full size


  • Bottom end - Must be cast
  • Race parts (including DCOE) - Must be none
  • Engine stress - Must be none
  • Fuel type - Must be Regular Unleaded
  • Ignition Timing Margin - Min 0
  • Emissions optimization level - Must be 0
  • Emissions - Must pass WES 6 (EPA cycle, see Detailed Stats -> Fuel Economy)

Final word

If you want to join the championship and discuss your builds (which we - the hosts - are eagerly looking for), please join our Discord server with the following link πŸ‘‰ Join our Discord server! , where you will find anything you might need such as how to submit, registering your team, finding teammates, posting pictures of your builds, and much much more.

Have a beautiful day.

ABC Host Team.