Ability to edit car's track width in it's files

I’ve made a time attack build and the track width is way too narrow, even with body morphing it’s still too narrow. Is it possible to edit the car’s track width by tinkering with its data in its respective file

Here’s some context on how bad it is:
Front end: https://imgur.com/a/f1BWz6A
Rear end: https://imgur.com/a/ClTecXs

By track width you’re talking wheel offset? You can’t change that, it’ll always be limited by the width of the arches. Best you can do is morph them out and cover the morphed arches with your body kit or make your body kit more flush to the body.

Damn, if that’s the case then, I’ll need to scrap this entire project then and wait until we’re hopefully able to increase the car’s wheel offset beyond its limits

Don’t count on that, it’s limited by body width. Just fiddle around with what you have, can even widen the arches to allow for more offset and use patches to then cut out the arches.

I’ve morphed the car’s fenders to it’s widest before posting this, but I want it to be wider than normal