Ability to purchase and sell engines in the Grand Campaign?

With the implementation of the AI generated Engine,

would it be possible to purchase existing engines created by competitors to lower R&D time and cost?
I believe this feature would give players some options to develop a boutique manufacture like Pagani or simply a easier time while starting up.

And vise versa to sell your engines for some extra cash.

Engine sharing across brands are quite a common practice, I think this would add some extra content to the game play.


Yes, that is the plan, not high up on our list of priorities, but eventually we do want to have both an engine market and the possibility for players to successfully finish a campaign without selling a single car :slight_smile: (being an engines-only manufacturer).


That would be god damn magical.

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I guess there will be different ways to win the game, right? Just like in other strategy games.

Like “luxury win”, “mass market win”, “performance win”, and so on.

Not really as separate categories of wins, but as viable strategies, yes. Our goal is to make all IRL strategies that work at least somewhat viable in game.


Is the make shitty cars and ride a 50 year old reputation strategy viable in Automation?

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Depends on which difficulty you’re playing on :stuck_out_tongue:


Are the difficulties realistic, medium, and hard? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, they are Sillyduck, Tutorial, Easy, Medium, Hard, Brutal, Insane :wink:



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Added modularity to engines and platform confirmed !

(just kidding)