ACC1: Pepto Mobiles

Its 2022 and the land of Grand Desonia is a nice land, but unfortunately, the police are not too happy. They are still trying to catch criminals with Helrons 2016 repmobiles that were aquired through a deal with the Manufacturer. The GDPD are going to change this, but first, they need a paint job.

The task is simple. You are required to simply make a police paintjob for the GDPD to use. They must include
The police number (324)
The word Police on the left, right, and front/hood of the car
The slogan of the GDPD (“to Respond and Defend”)

Your cars that you are painting are the old and worn Helrons. The Lavell Sedan unit and the Mount Utility unit

Cars must be uploaded via DM, and the naming scheme is simply GDPDC - Your username for the car name, trim and engine names stay as is.
I will create a deadline when we get 5 entrants, and I wont open Submissions until the 16th so we can change and elaborate on rules.
Finally, I want to say these cars are simple and lack a lot of fixtures so that they are easy to make liveries for. The cars stay as is, do not touch anything on them. Rims also stay as is
Its my first challenge so dont murder me too badly lmao

A challenge where the only thing we are making is a set of liveries for a set of existing cars? I’m surprised nobody has done it before with race cars, or anything else for that matter.

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see this is how I am starting first, because I lack the ability to make liveries myself, and im recently hyperfixated on cop cars. Later on, there will be actual car creation involved. Though ownership wont be passed on to the winner, for this round and the second round, the winner/winners will have an everlasting effect on GDPDC


mfw I lose the cars and thier car files :face_holding_back_tears:

Ill try get a replacement or smth

I will be eternally greatful if someone could donate a 2013-2017 Sedan and a Likewise era SUV for this competition, as I have a lot going on at the moment I may not be able to sort this out as of the submission date

yeah sorry lads this is cancelled, Im gonna host another comp probably

This will be a traditional challenge more now, as in, the ownership gets passed on every time someone else wins. However, theres a twist
THE FOCUS IS PURELY ASTHETIC! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a purely good looking car that fits the breif of: Pink car.
This is because I suck at tuning cars and I know I am not alone, so therefore, I think a challenge where the only goal is looks is a good compromise for this!
You have until the 12th of January to enter, enter your best looking pink vehicle

My thoughts behind this subject is because well, Pink is ugly as sin and its really hard to make good looking cars that look good in pink
There are very few rules that are as follows
Interiors are not a thing, please dont make them, youll just be wasting your own time
Don’t submit replicas of any kind, weather that be a replica of a fictional car, or otherwise
And of course, submissions should be DMed to me with the Model names of the car being ACC1-Your Username. All other naming, at least for this one that I am hosting, IS FREE!