Accidentally destroyed one of my favorite creations

I noticed all my mods were “incompatible” and thought it was just a glitch with the launcher. It was not a glitch with the launcher. I went to edit my turbo 1000HP van and the body was not appearing and the fixtures were just floating in the air. I exited back to the menu and saw that the thumbnail for the van had changed. Does this get fixed when all the mods are updated, or is my “speed van” ruined forever?

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Mods will be updated when the people who made them will update them

The car is most probably already dead though. I had some cars destroyed this way and they didn’t fix themselves when the mods got updated, so I don’t expect it to be different here.

Yeah, because many mods are different mods when updated during beta, and the old ones are still in workshop for the old engine, they may work only if they get updated in the same mod if you know what I mean

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Ohhh… Well I have a couple copies of the engine so at least that’s not lost, but the body and whatever fixtures definitely are. It was a copy of an original, so I still have the original, but I don’t have the modifications i made with the copy. I just won’t touch any of my other cars.

After big updates I always clone a car I’m about to open and check that way if it’s broken.