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Adamd's Replica Engines - LATEST: Austin A-Series

Hi guys,

In my spare time (when not testing) I like to make replica engines in the game. As most people who know me will tell you, I am obsessed with Toyota, so most of these will be Toyota engines. They won’t all be Toyota engines though, there are others I like. I’ve gotten a lot better at making engines since being in the beta, and as I don’t use the forums much I figured this would help me out there.

I’ll update the thread any time I make a new engine that I think is any good and I will upload the files, so feel free to make any improvements. I also quite like to write boring things, so I’ll do a short write-up with each engine.

]Toyota 1ZZ-FE/:m]
]Toyota 7M-GE/GTE/:m]
]BMC/Austin A-Series/:m][/ul]

As I mentioned, Toyota’s are my thing, so I’m going to start with one of their most popular engines of recent times, the 1ZZ-FE. Used in everything from the Corolla to the MR2, the 1ZZ is an Inline 4 1.8 all Aluminium engine, most commonly seen in what most people would class as beige mobiles such as the Corolla, Base Spec RAV4 and Avensis, but was also used in performance applications such as the Celica GT, MR2 Roadster and Lotus Elise, with differing power outputs to cope. The engine was originally launched without Variable Valve TIming, but in 1999 received Toyota’s VVT-i technology. The engine was praised for it’s low emissions, good economy and good performance. Bar a few failing auxiliary belt tensioners, and issues with oil burning on early units, the 1ZZ proved to be a very reliable engine, and production ceased in 2007 after it had been completely replaced by the ZR line of engines.

I chose to recreate the specification of the engine as used in the Celica GT, the 140hp version. I managed to get the specs very close to the real engine, the only issue being slightly more torque than the real thing.

1ZZ-FERev0.lua (41.9 KB)

Okay then want a challenge make a TRD Group A AE101 20v Silvertop 4A-GELU

Real spec, or Initial D spec? :stuck_out_tongue:

do both :slight_smile:

Quick attempt at the Initial D version with the later Project D spec, 255hp engine. Stats are hard to find for an engine that’s in an Anime, so Torque figures are just whatever come out. I picked 1995 for manufacturer year as it’s the last year the engine was in production, and quality is maxed out as it is a race engine. The problem with 1995 is it rather limits what you can do at higher RPM, and this does improve nicely if you bring the year up a bit. Standard Silvertop compression ratio because I’m gonna guess Takumi had to run on normal pump fuel.

I will do a normal 4A-GE in the future, with a proper write up and that.

Initial D 4A-GE Take1Rev0.lua (59.5 KB)

The Toyota M line of engines were a series of Inline 6 engines that began production in 1965. The 7M was a 2954cc 24v DOHC fuel injected engine that began production in 1986, and was quite advanced for it’s time. The precursor to the JZ line of engines, the 7M was designed as a high performance unit for use in the Mark 3 Supra. The engine was available in either Naturally Aspirated or Turbocharged applications, and was designed to provide smooth power, suitable for a GT car like the Supra.

In-game, manufacture year 1992 was used in order for access to fuel injection. This is perhaps not as close as it could be, power being a little late and torque being too early.

7M-GERev0.lua (42.8 KB)

The turbo variant of this engine was again primarily used in the Mark 3 Supra, and also the Soarer of the same period. Alongside the standard version, a special high power variant used in the Supra Turbo A was created, in order to meet Group A homologation requirements. This produced 267hp in the road going Turbo A, and 580hp in the race version. The standard version put out 232hp. For now, the standard version is shown here. This is much more accurate than the N/A version, and produces almost spot-on statistics in most areas, including weight.

7M-GTERev0.lua (65.9 KB)

You could modify the lua file to get yourself some techpool (so you can recreate the advancement of Toyota) and then get the MPFI prototype in 1986

The BMC A-Series is a small displacement Inline 4 Pushrod engine, and was launched in 1952 in the Morris Minor and Austin A30. It is however probably best known for being the engine used an the original BMC Mini, launched in 1959. The engine remained in production until the death of the original Mini in 2000, making it one of the longest lived and most common engines in the world. The engine was even licensed by Nissan, and used as the basis for many of their engines of the time.

During it’s long life, the A-Series survived through the various changes in the british motor industry, with British Motor Company becoming British Motor Holdings, then British Leyland, then Austin Rover, then Rover Group, and survived the various ownership changes each of these had. It even saw limited production in the early days of MG Rover after the BMW selloff, but this was only to complete production of a limited number of original Minis, and had by that point been all but completely replaced by the Rover K-Series. Because of this long and varied life, the engine was available in a large range of setups, and was used in everything from small city cars, to family saloons, and even spawned turbocharged versions.

The version I start with here is the original 848cc A-Series used in the BMC Mini, albeit I was aiming for the slightly revised version used from 1969 in the Mini 850, which later became the Austin Mini City. Results were good, with power being a tiny bit too high, and torque being spot on.

BMC A Series 848Rev0.lua (36.7 KB)

As this engine was offered in such a massive range of tunes, I will update this post occassionally with other versions.

I really hate to necro a post but I am having big problems making this engine
Do you still have the specs?
I downloaded the file but obviously the game has been massively updated since this post

EDIT: I have researched online for hours/days/weeks and been unable to succeed

It’s 6 YEARS old

just send him a PM