Add front grip

I have a car that under steers. It is suggested that I add front grip,but nowhere does it tell me how.

Now, as far as cars are concerned, you can class me as a dunce…I know little to nothing about them. So can someone please enlighten me as to how I add front grip?

As a bit of feedback, there have been several times I have encountered an issue like this, with a suggested fix, but absolutely no clarification how I actually execute said fix. Perhaps the game could be made a little less opaque in this regard?



I have a couple tips:
-Make the front wheels larger or rear wheels smaller
-Make sure the F/R weight distribution is 50/50 or more to the front.
-Add splitters or any downforce fixture to the front. Or remove a bit of downforce from the rear.
-Play with the suspension or select a preset for your needs.
If you still have understeer, then keep fiddling with your vehicle until you can get it right.
Just remember, the game is very intricate and is best worked with attention, care and lots of patience

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  • Wider front tyres
  • More weight up front
  • softer springs up front ( for turning when decelerating)
  • harder anti-roll bars in the back
  • higher camber on front wheels
  • more downforce on the front
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It’s a 1953 vintage car, so none of the advanced abilities are available. I’ve tried doing almost all of the things suggested here (except fiddling around with the suspension, b/c I don’t understand a lot of the effects).

What speed do you get a lot of understeer at? Could just be the suspension or the fact that it’s 1953.

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I have no idea. How to I find that info? Sorry, still learning the game, and as I said earlier, I find a lot of the info given (or not, as the case may be) hard to decipher.

In any case, Kyuu77’s suggestion about camber fixed the problem. The car is now comment free (a 1st for me).

Now if only I could learn to make my jalopies more comfortable. The suspension tends to be quite stiff.

Most of the info mainly comes from experience and mostly real world knowledge. For the stiffness though, I would suggest maybe softening the springs and shocks until it’s comfortable.

That might work, if it wasn’t for the fact that they were stiffened to cure the ‘load capacity is low’ issue. I get drivability moderately high, but comfort is single digits, lol.

I guess a major issue is my RW knowledge is non-existant.

I’m far from an expert, but maybe you could post the car in this thread, then someone (who may or may not be me) might be able to give it a tune for you.