ADD Works (New Hatchback 4 cheap)(U-not Today)

I would like to present my first car(that im kind of happy with) there would be more coming and i will upload them in this post i hope u guys enjoy and constructive criticism is accepted.More cars and versions of my cars will be coming soon.

No quality sliders are used to make this cars and i would provide the engine and car files if requested.

Car company page- Go here an rate my designs please.

I present the ADD Myth414 E and TS a 2 person coupe

The ADD VRT86 is a sedan family car with its models ECO and TS with its sport version the TSS

The ADD Alfam is a familiar car with 4 versions to fit within the standards of more people on how a familiar car should be.

An ECO version for thoose that think a familiar car has to be fuel efficient,safe and comfortable without the need to be fast

Theres also an standard version the NF with all the comfort and safety that some people look for and the TS for thoose that can sacrifice some of that comfort for speed

Finally the TSS for those who want a car able to bring their kids to school but still want to have some streetlight races with the locals in upgraded JDM cars and other high end cars.

A.D.D. XRD is a supercar designed to compete with big brands as Ferrari, Lamborghini,Bugatti,Pagani,Mcalren but with the efficiency of a normal sedan(again no quality sliders). It comes in 4 different versions even an ECO one.

We also think about young people with a tighter budget thats why the HBS was created coming in 4 different flavors with the TS reaching 0 to 100 in under 4,5s.

Definitely nice and reliable, and low fuel usage.

3 litres per 100 km?
Heck, my family sedan burns 6 litres per 100 km.

Thanks for the feedback im glad u guys are liking my designs and that inspired me to make a 6l v8 to compete with the m3 e92,c63 amg and an AWD version to compete with the audi r8 and nissan gtr Thanks :smiley:

3.0 seconds to 100 km/h in 1,8 ton car?
Holy f**k

Ya im surprisingly able to make pretty neat engines, they still have flaws and are not as high performance and i would like but they are getting there. I find my self terrible at the actual body design and it may be the part I spend more time at because im never happy on how they look. Also I realized of a couple things after my first designs such as how loud a performance intake is and how much economic a was able to make my economic desing(fuelwide)

XDD is indeed great proposition for a supercar that doesn’t eat all supply of fuel station, but it reminds me something…
…like one of my cars

Lol havent done that on purpose. I was just tryinh to keep the body looking as generic as possible to not make it look bad xD. Ur design also has more detail and looks way more refined xD

Oh okay xD