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Administrator & Moderator master list

As the Steam early access update will be next, I’ve created an Admin and Moderator master list so that newcomers to the game and the forum will know who to contact.

All names are hotlinked to the respective profiles.


I like long walks on the beach and good mesh flow <3


caswal Not active

nortala Not active

So, I’ve joined back in August 2010 and I’ve became the part of the first betatester patch, and though I’m not really testing much nowadays, I’m still in the beta, as I’ve became the lead car body artist and the Polish translator of the game in the meantime. As a moderator, apart from smacking the spambots up their IPs, I try to ensure the community remains awesome, I help the aspiring 3d modders by setting paths for them and providing constructive feedback to their creation. In the real world, I’m just a 1st student at PUT, and a proud driver of a Skoda Felicia Combi.

I was fortunate enough to be part of the first group of beta testers back in February 2011 and I was the first to pre-order Automation back on the 2nd of September the same year. I was also the beta lead assistant for a long time before it changed to the current rotating format. Obviously I became a mod here and in IRC somewhere along the way, just like the others I try to keep it friendly, orderly (somewhat :wink: ) and most importantly so far spam free. Outside the world of Automation, I’m a machinist and I don’t have just one favorite car brand unlike some other people. :stuck_out_tongue:

Der Bayer
I’m the vehicle dynamics guru for Automation from Germany and had the chance to prototype a big part of car physics and the test track feature for the game. In addition to that I am a pretty long-time beta tester and I like well-organised and presented forum challenges. On the forums I’m cleaning up posts from spambots regularly and try to help on any gameplay and physics related questions.

I joined the Beta-Team in early 2012, shortly after that i was made a moderator here and over in the Live Chat. I try to keep everything nice and clean, and make sure that there are no offensive posts against others or huge spam waves.
If there are any german questions or questions in general, just shout out and ask! Besides from Automation I am known for being the master of traffic controllers and I am pretty much the Alfa Dude here.

I’m originally from Hong Kong, but I’ve lived in the US and (at present) Germany. I consider myself a global moderator, that is I just keep everything neat and tidy in the forums, as well as making sure no one is bad mouthing each other, although that hasn’t been a problem at all so far. (Maybe forum specific mods will be introduced in the future?) Just a heads up, I don’t actually speak German too well, so don’t go crazy on me. There are so many other mods + Killrob to do that to.

I have been a beta tester for the game for a couple of years now, I was only made a mod relatively recently. I generally just do the same as the other guys, try to keep the forums tidy and relatively cheerful. I do like to build a good V8, as anyone who watched the streams from early multiplayer testing will know. I generally try to help wherever I can. Away from Automation I’m a Systems Developer from the UK, and I’m that guy that had the Prius, now a GT86. Toyotas are my thing.

Future Mods:
I’ll update this as frequently as possible, but I don’t check to see if there’s a new moderator every day. Since you have the power to edit posts, just edit yourself into this post :slight_smile:

I think a short introduction about what your interests (in Automation) are, which areas you tend to patrol (if there are jurisdictions, that is), and maybe something quirky/funny/personal (optional of course), would be nice. Because not only does it help us in determining what matters to bug you about, but also creates a more personable feel for the newcomers!

Sounds good, I’ll edit it later today.

I really like that idea strop

Whilst I was writing my introduction, I came across an interesting point. Forum-Specific mods. I personally think it’d be pretty useful to have them when the community expands, to have some members work on specific forums.

Well, it definitely works elsewhere in my experience. Besides, the tournament, design etc. scene here is actually already pretty lively and is continuing to expand as more content is added!

Oh yeah, not only that, you can assign mods varying levels of power depending on seniority/trustworthiness. The modding system on the phpBB boards are pretty all-encompassing.

That’s one of the reasons why I like that system, they’re able to get a taste of what moderating is like, whilst the others can assess how mature/trustworthy the person is. I’d like to see it implemented into the forum one day, it’ll help both the specific forums themselves and for others to evaluate.