Advanced Fixture Control - OUT NOW!

Advanced Fixture Control (AFC) is finally here. AFC allows you to select multiple fixtures, transform them as if they were one, and more. You can download the stable version on Steam now!

If you want to help test future features, there’s also a testing version available.

Huge shout out to the devs for making this possible.

Check out the trailer!




At long last, Advanced Fixture Control has been released! Enjoy moving groups of fixtures around, copying/pasting groups to cars, and more (and breaking things in ways I never could expect)! Have fun with the impossible!

You can get it here:


Yay thanks this is super useful :slight_smile:

EDIT: How do I activate the mod I don’t see anywhere to group fixtures

Under the gear icon (bottom left) in the fixture menu, then it should be under misc - scroll down and then activate it