Aebrochye Motor Companies

Aebrochye (Aee-Ye-Brochye) is an fictional car company (obviously) set in Ohio, Cincinnati.

Not to be confused with General Motors AMC (American Motor Company. that would be stupid to think. Your stupid. Unless you didint think that. Then your not- you get it. Setting roots in 1969, Making only 400 cars before going defunct (1975), until 2017.
We aim for excellence. If that isnt it we’re probably gonna just scrap it.
We’re most likely gonna scrap it.
We’re basically saab but wasting more money.

Byros Motors (for poor niggas, unless its a supercar. Hey ever hear of a 13 4X4 Minivan?)
Santo empresa automotriz (Anywhere that speaks spanish lol)
Warner Automobiles (Aebrochye UK)
Irongaurd (Aebrochye Asia/Russia/Ukraine/Belarus, all of europe)
Aebrochye Performance (for when you dont want a car that goes 100 mph and is also tailored to your liking, but instead an car that is either op, goes too fast in general and isnt comfortable to you. at all.)

Aebrochye Offroad/rally
Tasmanni (Aebrochye Australia/africa)
bikes. (everywhere.)
Fastest car: SR-71 B3

Slowest car: Santos Valentine (2018… But meant to give you a BIG blast from the past. sadly slowness comes with it.)

Loudest car (gas spec): Actually not the SR-71 B3, Its actually the B2.
Quietest car (gas spec):Aebrochye Armadillo. what else.
Loudest car (EV): Aebrochye Sokol (also second slowest.)
Quietest car (EV): Aebrochye Primer (issa smol boi)
Drag racing: Project 1
Circuit racing: SR-71 B1, B2 Aebrochye Sportstar MKIIII (Sportstar is reccomended, The others are used mainly for speedways.)
Drifting: Aebrochye Y33T buggy (MAIN FAILS: Tourqe reduction, Piston rings failing. Other than that extremely well at drifting)
Most expensive car: SR71 B3R (1.2 million)
Cheapest car: Sokol EV

I dont do the whole ‘’ No, Make this’’ thing. If you wanna help out this fourm, you can by building a car in a subsidaries favor, or by pointing out flaws.
If you want to make a car for the main company i will have to look it over.
Subsidaries i wont count (Unless Aebrochye Performance and Offroad/rally along with Tasmanni)

It also helps to have more pepole here!
You can either make cars for one of the subsidaries, or the main company, or simply just judge designs, and point out flaws.

i will do company collabs (Working on the same exact car. like the Subaru-Toyota-Scion FRS BRZ 86) The only catch is if i work with you, ill put 2 badges (Your company badge/my company badge) on said car. You aint gonna stop me from doing that.

If you want to use one of my engines, ill send you the stats and what cars the engine has been used in engine for you to copy/tune. with a link.
Engine restrictions: Jarboesjet 1 (I6) MORRA 8 series.
If you want to modify one of my cars. go ahead aint nobody stopping you.

One of the main goals here is to
Make an odd, yet like-able design.
Take something from the past, or multiple things, and basically make it old on the outside, new on the inside.
AKA Morgan but with actual tech inside.

If you think any of the designs are trash then please, tell me whats wrong with it. Of course the picture wont be removed but the same car will be revised.

For design complaints, or if you want to post vehicles as one of the subs and take another worry off my list.

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The 1969 Aebrochye Trinidad (Trinity)
It looks like it should be in the 70’s.


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1970 Warner Adaca.
The trinity but… even more delorean like???
‎€ 15,090
$ 16,881

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The rear

The Adaca beside the Santos Morradessa (1970

The 1970 Morradessa is fucking terrible.
Please, when you buy one throw it in a barn or engine swap it. The engine is simply too powerful.
not even that, its just as unreliable as a shitty range rover. (Sorry range rover fans, but its true. its not even as good as a fucking ford explorer.)

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Aebrochye Cheese Wedge (Massagera Luxury Sedan) (1975, The reason they went defunct)


It has that many exhausts because it took a V12 to move the thing, it still went really slow though. (Max. 110 mph, reality. 92/93 mph)
Plus, one exhaust and one muffler just didint work out. it still was really loud in the end.
On the bright side, the back kind of looks like a prius.

Aebrochye Azure (Sedan model, 2017)
A car that plays with emotions, 70’s russia on the front, 10’s/70s in the rear, And alot of 2017 inside.
Top speed; 158/159 Car styled after: Rear: Kia KV7 Concept Front: Moskvitch 3-5-6 Prototype
Body: Moskvitch 2140
To trick gold diggers, it looks cheap, sounds cheap, until you step inside. Your welcome, for an actually healthy relationship. The cars power comes from an Inline 5. You heard that right.
362 hp, 272 LB-ft of torque.

$ 111.870
‎€ 100,000

Btw, this is what happens when communism meets capitalism.

and final picture.

2017 Santos Morradessa. This time actually reliable.
4x4, yes. Will actually get up hills, rocks, mountains, etc?
probably not. But the thing has a V8 on steroids so it should do well in a soccer mom race.

(Prototype stage so its 5.3 million. dont ask.