AeroDream SA

Hi guys,

I’ve already created another topic in the design section : Car Designing forum AERODREAM SA

However, as I decided to open this new one to talk about…engine :wink:

My first engine is a 4.2L V8 normally aspirated. That’s my idea of an engine for a smooth GT (ex Jaguar XK8).

The second one is staight four 2.0L Turbo offering 296HP

The last one is a small 1.0L Turbo developping 162HP

I have no advanced knowledge about engine… So I’ll will enjoy any idea and tips to improve !

Ps : English is not my native language , I learnt it a long time ago (In Ireland). My apologies if I’m not always “academic” or “clear enough” :smiley:

Just for fun and V8 melody, I made a little video of my 4.2L V8