AGC 30 - Night Racers

The wing was the thing I was least happy with - but I couldnt really work anything better :frowning:

ok ima post the winner stuff in 2 parts, first parts just gonna be the list, second part is gonna be another review explaining whats good/bad about it


AGC 30 Night Racers

1. Sureascanbe
2. azkaalfafa
3. LS_Swapped_Rx-7
4. kaybee
5. the-chowi
6. Xepy
7. riley
8. Oreology
9. Fantic2000 & @moroza
10. Blocky550
11. Mikonp7
12. Koviico
13. Danicoptero
14. DrDoomD1scord
15. MoteurMourmin
16. Vento @happyfireballman
17. abg7
18. ScintillaBeam
19. Ludvig
20. Ch_Flash
21. machale
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but congrats to all

@Sureascanbe you have earned your sticker


My man this is AGC (update: it’s fixed)

Also congrats for the winner! A deserved W in my opinion

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oh lol, its like midnight lol, forgot


me try not to make a car unreliable (impossible 100%)


AGC 30 - Night Racers

1st Place - @Sureascanbe

ok this is a really great and unique car, from front to back this is pretty much the perfect car for this challange with its good style. i love the aero fenders and open front fender. the open rear is kinda odd considering this being a top speed car, you dont want air flowing into the back and flipping the car but it does look really cool. kinda feels like the lancia 037 with this open rear end. its nice a low and all the performance stuff makes sense for how the engine is. very epic

AGC3 - @azkaalfafa

now this is epic, you went for the flashy way is it was soo soo close with 3rd place, but the one thing that made you slightly better was the fact that your stance is actually low. bumpers are nicely design and actual has that style from the underground games being this low. livery is very nice and simple, i do wish more was done but you did very well :grin: :+1:

AGC30 - @LS_Swapped_Rx-7

ok now you mr rx7, this would have been second if you made you bumpers actually low, everything about this car is pretty much perfect apart from the no so low bumper, you have gone for the flashily side and did it really dam well. from all around it feels like an underground car and this is a really solid car. very epic

AGC30 - @kaybee

now you, this also has been a mix between flashy and performance. i really love the whole body kit you made for this but the lacking part is that rear. super good in the front and side but that rear is kinda ok. lights were kinda stock and bumper part was ok but could be better. i love your creativity with the character you made for the car, but i dont really give handouts just for cool super detailed livery. really the main part of the livery is this character and not that thats a bad thing but i wish there was more to the design to really make the character pop. ok so the front end splitter is a really nice look for this car, i like those flowing fenders and the whole body is over all a good shape, she is a very epic car

AGC30 - @the-chowi

ok one of the few muscle like cars i got in this list, you sir have a simple design but it sure dam works, mainly one thing with body kits is that the base car has to look good for it to look nice and it sure does work here, not much changes from the base design apart from the slight changes, but it has evert thing you would need for this kinda car. i love the splitter you have and those simple skirts are ok but with the added side exhaust, it makes those skirts look bettter, rear end is pretty simple and the lip spoiler is a nice touch, over all a good car

AGC30 - @Xepy

ok so this has gone for the performance side of the looks, and it does everything pretty well. i really like that front bumper but the splitter being that square makes it feel slightly race like. skirts are nice and simple and the rear bumper is good but just feels too flat. an odd choice for this being an convertible but i like the personal feel for the car. quite the epic car

AGC30 - @Riley

this car is pretty simple in its whole design, really tbh its mostly stock looking which would be a problem but the small lips and skirts and shit do give some flavor to this.

AGC30 - @Oreology

ok so this is a good looking car but this looks like a hood and fenders and thats mainly it. like yes i see all the small stuff added but over all it still has that stock feeling to it

AGC30 - @Fantic2000 @moroza

ok with this car, normally a long luxury sedan isnt the best choice for a top speed car but this has been styled really nicely. livery and body kit is really nice but if i was to see this, i would think this is a show car not much of a performance feel, and same with the underground style, this isnt flashily like that to fit into that as well. over all is a good car tho

AGC30 - @Blocky550

ok this car, this is very aero like. i really like those fenders and how they flow with the car. not really much to say about this but it was a very excellent car, i just feel its bland in like color, style, and livery. but its nice tho

AGC30 - @Mikonp7

ok even tho this a big vehicle, this is actually a really good build. i really like those side vents on the bumper. skirts were really nice and was an over all solid build. but im sure you know why such a large vehicle wasn’t higher

AGC30 - @Koviico

ok im really liking this whole VIP style you were going for but this is mainly a show car kinda build, yes its good looking but isnt the flashy or performance feel to it. its a sexy car tho.

AGC30 - @Danicoptero

ok this was a good car, i do like the whole body kit but man them wheels, idk what truck you stole them from but you need to give them back. i like the slant nose style you went for

AGC30 - @DrDoomD1scord

ok, mr doom. first thing, i said DO NOT GIVE ME RACE CARS, and here i have a race car. dont get me wrong, this is a very well put together car. very sexy and very good looking. but unless your some crazy Japanese dude who loves to cut out their race cars, or just rolling in daddys money. your ass isnt gonna be driving this let alone tune this kinda car. but i will still point out stuff apart from it being a race looking car. ok the front end is alot of aero bits which isnt a problem but yk what im gonna say about that. then the sides is pretty fine really not much apart from the nice stickers and vent its normal. the rear end is again what i was saying before. the wing is cool tho, massive but i dont mid big downforce look. but yea this hoe is just a race car man.

AGC30 - @MoteurMourmin

sexy car over all, but this is pretty much a stock car with fenders and a hood man. i did state for you do give me something unique and this isnt it also again


this isnt why your in the place btw

AGC30 - @Vento & @happyfireballman

this was an ok build, i will say most of these things were randomly placed but i did like the top part of the front bumper, that bottom part is just a modern bumper tho. cool car

AGC30 - @abg7

ok i would have given this an higher position but this is really just the stock car with a lip and fenders, not a bad thing but with this style of car, i feel like you should have done more for this. very epic car tho

AGC30 - @ScintillaBeam

ok this is even worse then dooms entry, not only is this a straight racecar but this takes direct inspiration from an actual million dollar car that has been tuned. im not gonna repeat myself but read what i said to doom. front end just feels too modern tbh. alot of curves for the simple supercar designs of that time, side is pretty normal tbh. rear end is actually just a modern taillight slapped on the car which doesnt even really match with anything. the wing is staight out of high end tuning. remember i dive into design and culture, this is my passion, you aint gonna get past me with the inspration you took

AGC30 - @Ludvig

this takes from the underground style but idk im not really feeling this, the bumper sure does have that look of the underground but its very boxy and yea, yea sure the car is boxy but you could still give some roundness to this, i did really love that window to the lip you got. epic car

AGC30 - @Ch_Flash

man this is a pretty cool car from the stock part but thats it, its a stock car. idk what else to say but i do love that look with the bumper. ok car

AGC30 - @machale

alright last but not least, you went for the boxy american way and just feels ok, bumper feels stock, side doesnt really have anything, wing is round but the whole car is boxy. the most this has was the fenders and the lips, the red was a cool touch tho. over all its a ok car but stuff could be done to make this better

it im finally done with this shit

finally a person who thinks my car is mostly from anija and not doom car

Wow I’m uh surprised I won tbh, thanks. Fully thought I was going to be mid pack with that one especially with the entrants here. That might sound odd but I was still scratching my head on that design even up to the submission date but by then there wasn’t really enough time to make too many changes. I kind of forget but doesn’t the winner of these challenges have to host the next one , if that’s still the case (I could be wrong) then I’m passing the parcel down because I don’t really have anything in mind and I kind of just entered because I liked the idea of making a car like that and such don’t really want to host it anyway.

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Well, what if I am a crazy rich Japanese man :eyes:


Nah, you can pass it down to @azkaalfafa if you want to.

aw god damn, I’m gonna have to pass this one down as well. aside from the fact that I have nothing to continue this with for now, I’m going out of town for a long time, and it seems like I won’t be able to effectively write (let alone judge) for a round

well in that case,

Choose a recipe to cook.

  • Realistic Road Cars
  • Realistic Race Cars
  • Slightly Unrealistic Cars

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choose wisely :smiley:


shit, i was kinda hoping to run only because i had an idea or two up my sleeve. but my schedule’s tight so i may not deliver as quick as someone else could. cheers to the winners.


Ah well, I took a risk and went for left field and more of a menacing look… and didnt pay off :frowning:

i’ll leave this up for 18 more hours

Make it count.


Total insanity it is, then. And heed my warning, it’s going to be very insane. Now, it’s time to get cooking. Keep in mind that this is what the majority of people wanted.


Yeah damn ended up going for low-power low weight low cost and ended up messing up in that way better luck next time i guess


Probably is just better to stick 800hp in it and not worry i guess


lol lmao

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