AGC 30 - Night Racers

AGC 30 Night Racers

The Brief

The driving simulator High-Stakes has finally launched the largest update it has ever had, adding a huge selection of tuning options and cars to fulfill a player’s every automotive need. This update has also added the hardest challenge the game has to offer. Driving around, you will find a team of highly skilled drivers flying down the highway at well over 200 kph. Your goal is to enter the bi-monthly tryout for a shot at becoming the next member of Night Racers. This is no easy task, as the group hasn’t had a new member in years, though doing so will display your [in-game name / gamertag] and car on the main menu for all to see your achievements.

The game is set right at the end of the 2000s, giving it more of a lively early '00s tuning feel with elements of the more simple but purpose-built late '00s and early '10s tuning scene + all the other older styles. In the [tab of all the members], you have a wide variety of styles to choose from, as the group is looking for someone with a good sense of both performance and style.

not much is known about them and their cars but they sure do make some fast cars


PRIORTY :star::star::star::star::star:


even though performance might seem like its more important, its not. with these cars you really want this to be unique compared to the rest of the cars on the road, even those high end cars. pretty much what i want is comparing it to the stock car, no one will have your look. so a supercar with more power and thats it isnt gonna work. if you do have a stock venison of the car, do have a photo with it so i can see stock compared to tuned, but again if you dont then thats fine


Obviously with a team that goes faster then most super cars you want this car to at least hit those speeds pretty quickly

Kinda Priority :star::star::star:


even tho your car might hit those high speeds, you need to hit them constantly and efficiently. so try not to blow up going 1 hour of hard driving

Low Importance :star::star:


you should be mid to late game already so you have a decent amount of money but not rolling in it.

not exactly exactly the design but the livery, you dont need one but it will help with the design but please dont add one if its just horrible, it does more harm then good. they like non livery cars just as much as livery cars


Max Trim year: 2010

max model year: 2005

Techpool: Max +5 on all categories

Max quality: +5

Min quality: -1

Max price: 55,000

Seats: 2 (or more)

Noise: Max 80

Fuel: Super Unleaded 98 Ron

Needs to be faster then at least 290 kph

No engine race parts

no semi slicks

no race diffuser

no carbon fiber

no pushrod suspension

no more then 1000hp


and whatever style was good looking during this era of cars

Inspirations Donts

please no shit boxes, like yea sure you can make them fast but they just dont have the looks

something like this sure is in the right era but its just too new to have that much of a tuning scene end just too expensive to really do anything

this is a maybe, i def could see this as a top speed racer but again there wasnt much of a tuning scene for these kinda cars. but if you could get this to work then go ahead with it

just no, your street racing
i did add some nfs underground cars but dont over do the 00’s tuning scene

also the members cars arent really inspiration, not really unique if your just making the same cars thats ready on the team

Submission Guidelines
1 time submission

Naming Convention:
Car and engine model name: AGC30 - FORUM USERNAME
Car trim: Brand, model and variant of car
Engine trim: Engine model/variant

Rules are subject to change until September (3), 2023 00:00 GMT-4
Entries open September (3), 2023 00:00 GMT-4
Deadline: September (24), 2023 00:00 GMT-4


everyting i do is perfect already


Is the “practicality” priority the actual stat? How many seats, how many doors, how easy it is for old arthritic grannies to get in and out of the car? Or is it stuff like reliability and practical design?

well in the rules it does say 2 or more seats, any amount of doors you want really but i would assume just 2 and 4 door cars, oh and i prob should have said reliability but still need to be able to enter and exit without much struggle

So any entries can be older than these?

yea you can go lower then that, the limit to how new is just 2005

Tempted to recycle a car and just put a really big engine in it with more power than it really needs. I’ve got one in mind, I just have to pick a color I haven’t really used yet. Black has already been used, red belongs to someone specific who has the same body style I might use, so… I’ve gotta pick something… Interesting.

Hey who wants to design car I’ll engineer

I’ll agree to a collaborative

Amazing! I’ll get it started right away!!

Two of the members’ cars are built on the Z16A body set; another one is a variant of the winner of the previous AGC, and a fourth one is a modified Hoffmann Saberr from CSR 152. That leaves the fifth car, which is built on the Universal Wedge 70s mod body set.

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Ok some slight changes just read over the rules again

Around which speed should our entries be going is 250 mph too fast?

Like 200

Doing some testing :stuck_out_tongue:

So 250 mph is too fast, I won’t get any more points for performance then?

240 is the fastest street car so 250 is kinda unrealistic , so Not really, ik every Is gonna be fast so mainly focus of the design part

ok another change, please dont put fake Night Runners stickers, you will earn your sticker when you get excepted 👍


i understand that we shouldn’t lean too hard into the NFS aesthetic but is it okay to be a little flashy or is it better to have a semi-stealth speed kinda build overall


Yea that’s totally fine, i want everyone to be different ina way, i put the 3 flashy cars there for a reason


if you want, ask questions of stuff that dont makes sense now, rules will be locked in soon