AGC31 - Tanked Up (COMPLETE)

note:i have never played war thunder and at this point i’m afraid to do so, so please forgive me if this writing is complete nonsense

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AGC31 - Tanked Up

you thought i was kidding about total insanity?

Inferno Entertainment HQ, Present Day

After years of early access hell, Inferno Entertainment are getting ready to release their vehicular combat MMO, Steel Bloodshed. And as a token of appreciation for everyone putting up with their shit supporting them for all the years, they’re giving all early access players a free tank.

Steel Bloodshed features many different tanks and planes spanning all the way from the WW2 era to the modern era, originating from multiple different countries. The game has been in early access since 2018, but now it is finally getting prepared for a full release, proposed as a “true next-gen battle simulator” for PC and current gen consoles.


  • Since it’s impossible to actually make a tank in Automation, this will be a pure design-based challenge, and all in-game stats are irrelevant.
  • Feel free to make a tank made anywhere from the Interwar era to the Modern Era.
  • Make it an actual tank; that’s pretty much it really


  • Model and Engine family name: AGC31 - (forum username)
  • Model Trim and Engine variant: free

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  • Design - Obviously the highest priority. The tank should look well prepared for any battle and intimidating for anyone who dares try to step in it’s way.

:star: :star:

  • Detail - At least try to detail it like an actual tank that could exist in real life. A half-assed build that looks like some bad Minecraft mod won’t cut it here.


  • Realism - Once again, these are supposed to be actually realistic and contemporary tanks, so don’t submit some bs multibillion dollar hover tank armed with an alien death lasers or something way too futuristic like that.


  • Interiors are not required, nor will they be judged.
  • Since automation stats are irrelevant, any builds made in 4.2 in theory should be perfectly fine when importing to Elisbury, so no need to switch the the beta if you aren’t on it already.
  • If you have any questions about this (trust me, I expect alot), feel free to ask.


  • Submissions close 2023-11-21T04:59:00Z


Cold War


How about Red Alert heavy and mammoth tanks?


Or non-production real tanks, like the Object 279 Troyanov?

Or the IS-7?

Not so much a question as a suggested inspiration: the ISU-152, nicknamed “Zveroboy” (beast slayer). I can’t find it, but I swear I saw a photo of one with writing on the hull or the barrel: Всему пизду. I’ven’t slept in too long to have the brain activity to properly translate/explain that, but will elaborate if Tex or someone else (AndiD?) doesn’t do it first. It’s a crude and rather fitting bit of “livery”.

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Not my cup of tea with tanks, but if one creator shares his, I can totally see an episode of Notruf 110 where they have to deal with a stolen tank and get their cars flattened. (currently there is strong demand for another season, after checking the first poll results)


pretty much no limits, as long as it’s realistic

Alright, bet

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An interesting way to make an AGC work with the user base split up between stable and OB indeed.


Yep, a Genius move

As a rules question, are we allowed to submit not-quite-tanks which would make sense in the game? For instance, Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns tick many of the boxes of tanks, but have a somewhat different turret. Some examples of those:


40m Nimród from WW2, a modified version of the Swedish Landsverk L-62 Anti (was also intented to function as an anti-tank weapon, failed due to Soviet armour being too heavy)


Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer Gepard, aka Flakpanzer Gepard, developed in the 60s and routinely upgraded.


ZSU-23-4, a soviet system from the cold war. While the Gepard is a modified Leopard, this is its own chassis to my knowledge.

looks close enough of a tank to me, so sure

Anyone here know of “Project Pigeon”?
It was a project that developed a Pigeon-controlled guided bomb. I’m not joking, its a real thing.

Now, why not let a pigeon drive a tank?

protect yourself

1982 BetterDeals HPD PB (Hopi Bon Deal Pigeon Bomb).
How does the pigeon drive it? The pigeon (in this case Maxwell) is attached to a few cables that work like joysticks. The way the pigeon flies/moves decides where the vehicle goes. It has tank steering!
It has a bomb (nuke optional) in the bed, which can be detonated in a few ways:
A sensor a front that detects if it is close to an object (experimental).
A remote control that can be activated by a soldier from a distance.
If the bomb is shot, it will blow up logically. Best way to use it.
Best used for desert and urban combat.

NOTE: This thing has a faster 0-60 than the HPD II. Seriously. 13 seconds.

Now, since you have seen the tank, i am joyous.


A tank driven by a homing pigeon? I bave never seen anything as preposterous as this!


Ooo! And I played WarThunder and reached level 25, despite the complete absence of a plot and the possibility of progress. I am very surprised how you are not tired of the previous hosting!

I remember well how I wanted to create a competition on the topic of Zombie Armageddon, on the topic of coronavirus, where it was necessary to create an ambulance, but no one wanted to participate in it.

Nevertheless, this task will well reflect the design language of the one who will participate in it. Because I can always unmistakably identify a German tank from an American one, an Italian from a French one, a Japanese from a Chinese one. They all have some kind of markers that immediately depict the designers’ visions about how power and protectability must look like.

…just because I rely too heavily on the as provided bodies for car, how does one make a tank using I assume 3D shapes? Where do you start building it from?

funny enough i was in the middle of building a ww2 era tank then stopped, maybe i should update and finish it off and submit it …

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Does this count


Not really - the brief suggested an actual tank (or a sufficiently similar tracked armored vehicle), and not a civilian car converted to run on tank treads.


never excessively worked with 3d fixtures but that looks really fun to try out


:bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang: SUBMISSIONS OPEN :bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang:

it is time to achieve a single digit number of entries


:bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang: AROUND 2 WEEKS LEFT :bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang:

hahaha surely no one forgot about this challenge with such an accessible brief, right? noooo i’m not desperate or anything but just think about this: would you really like the betterdeals to get a podium by default?