AGC26 - Wild Rescue 300 [rules deliberation]]

AGC26 - Wild Rescue 300
Colossal Effort HQ, Tampere, 20.02.2020

About Colossal Effort

A small game studio of auto enthusiasts, they started out making a series of simple mobile games before getting into Real Gaming. Avoiding the saturated racing genre, they look into simulating offroad driving. Previous games Offroad King and Offroad Emperor, saw some success, but reviewers didn’t appreciate the pacing and lack of goals beyond getting from A to B. So they started on Wild Rescue 300. The studio is currently wrestling with the physics, including an airdrop feature. They had some vehicles in mind for the game, but manufacturers balked at the prospect of their shiny offroaders getting stuck as a feature, and bailed. Intern Pekka Vesterinen is tasked with reaching out to alternative manufacturers willing to get their wheels dirty.

The Game

73, cargo 300 acquired, returning to FOB

Your mission is to pick up wounded and stranded people in remote locations in a world where helicopters were never invented*. Realistically simulated maps include snow, desert, mountains, dense forest and bogs. Obstacles like rocks, trees, mud pools, rivers makes actually reading the briefing screen map and planning your route vital. Some terrain may actually impassable regardless of vehicle… Near-death passengers makes for a stressful experience; the first part of the mission is to get to them ASAP. On the return journey, your unseen paramedic partner tends to them, but some need more than oxygen, morphine and a space blanket; they need to get to the actual ER or die, represented by a helth bar. Each time they are jolted our bashed, the bar decreases…

  • Realistically physics and human ingenuity dictate the invention of rotary wing aircraft was inevitable. But the CEO hates helicopters after surviving a nasty accident 3 years ago, and it makes the premise of the game slightly more viable…

Trim & Variant Year 1990-2020
We are looking for iconic vehicles well known for braving difficult environments, and old workhorses are thus eligible.
Maximum Cost (Approximate Cost in Detail Stats) $30,000
Should be plenty for a non-unobtanium vehicles financed by tax $ and/or donations.

Tech pool +5 all categories (as default) or less, if you insist/forget.
Quality min/max -3/+3
Let’s just stick with this, it’s ultimately not important.

All drivetrains are allowed…
…but no V16s.
You’ll want to stick to good low-end power, 4x4 and some sort of functional differentials.

4 Full Seats minimum
To simulate a driver + paramedic + patient setup in an enclosed There must be actual space for said patient to lie down on a stretcher.

As see here (ignore hands sticking out)

Body types: SUV predominantly.
Some Pickup, Van, Wagon or People Carrier bodies may fit as well (classifications are sometimes odd) but no donk sedans please.

Advanced Trim Settings are allowed, but beware Realism. Alternative: up to +/- 5 adjustments allowed.

Liveries are welcome, but not required.

Interiors are not mandatory, but having at least a half-decent setup for a driver POV is a plus.

Judging Priorities
Must look cool, and like an actually Credible Offroader. Must be highly visible. We have a generous poly budget for the (few) vehicles, so a high amount of detail is encouraged, accessories (lights, winch etc) included.

Need to look capable, and with credible engineering solutions. We aren’t looking for monster trucks, but “slightly modified” purchasable vehicles. Don’t max the advanced trim sliders it’ll look silly. If you absolutely want the pain of submitting a (half)tracked vehicle I won’t stop you, but it’s not necessarily the winning ticket.

I will be looking at both the ingame score and to some extent realism.

Bonus points
Good ideas for unique game features, that are “easily” implemented. Pekka would love to present these as “his” ideas.

A vehicle moving over terrain at speed isn’t a great place to be while trying to keep a patient alive…or being said patient. Harsh bumps will eat into the patients health bar.

Reliability & Environmental Resistance
While we (probably) won’t include breakdowns in the game, we don’t want unreliable rust buckets.

Performance targets
Top speed at least 100 km/h, 0-100 in less than 15 seconds, fuel burn less than 30L/100 km
It’s not a racing game, but anything slower would annoy players and probably be too gutless for offroading. Fuel burn may be a consideration of an Ironman mode.
Exceeding these targets is expected, and will help scoring…to a point.

A judgement call on how practical the vehicle is as a medevac platform. In part informed by drivabilty score and load capacity. Strongly tied to realism. Lifting a 250 pound stretcher over your head into a monter truck is possible, but not ideal.


Submit by DM.
Model / Engine Family: AGC25 - ForumUsername
I won’t bin over spaces, but it looks better.
Trim / Engine Variant: Car name / Free

Submissions will open on Sunday, January 29th, at 00:01AM (GMT). Until then, rules deliberation

Submissions will close on Friday, March 3rd, at 11:59PM (GMT)

I will allow ONE resubmission.


Prime examples


Maybe a bit too much

interesting for inspiration, but not really what we want


Don't build this abysmal failure




The Democracy Fairy has granted your wish; I’ll update with the challenge outline in the near future.


just checking
is this coming along okay?


This weekend, yes.


You might wanna post a reply announcing that you’re waiting to solidify the rules so you get some feedback, because editing a post doesn’t actually get it on the main page.

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Good point.
Alright fellas, it’s Roast the Rules Week!

Until it’s reworked or something, avoid using tow/load capacity (they are weird and inconsistent/illogical). Otherwise the rules seem decent. Might be a good idea to explain why you have two very similar vehicles, only with different colors in the inspiration when one is marked as good and the other as bad (second to last Prime example and last one in Maybe a bit too much)

Yep, towing won’t be a factor for the reason you stated. Maybe in a future DLC…
What put theTelemedicine Unimog into the “maybe a bit too much” is the humongous rear cab, especially when seen from other angles. The other Mogs are also borderline, separate box rear is standard for America I guess. Sticking to standard car bodies is more entrant-friendly though?

Anyhow, I’ll put reworking the inspirations on my to-do list, including comments about what works & not about them.

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Would something like this be allowed? - Taking a van body and turning it into a larger truck

(look at the cab - doors and windshield)

Considering it is fully realistic, and there’s big trucks in the “prime examples” section, but doing so means going well beyond the +/-5 on advanced trim settings.

Interesting, a van body could work as noted before. I don’t the concider the artificial number limit on adv. trim a must-have. I’ll look into it tomorrow.