AGC33 - Sand Speeder

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SHHHT Incoming Data Transmission

This old Horsche rally car has seen better days, (and better pinstripes). Looks like somebody who was prepping for the worst saw this vehicle as the perfect candidate for survival modification in case of “The Event” happened.

3.2L NA F6 OHC 12 valve Making 214HP @ 6100 and 224lb-ft @ 4000
9:1 Compression ratio is actually Undertuned for 85 RON: It can use even lower quality fuel without issues. SHHT


We’ve modified an old Rhania Fireball Texan and decided to do some “minor” upgrades such as the larger tires, a bull bar, a roll cage, some spare tires, a larger engine, and some long horns. Other than that, there isn’t anything major done to this classic…



Hope is what helps us get through the darkest of times. Without hope, there’s nothing but dispair and desert. It will take you through sand and dust, over friends and foes, 'till the endless dunes become the evergreen fields.



More pics may come in the future

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This customized 1985 Forrest Bison is the perfect vehicle for any self-respecting desert nomad. The Bison can manage pretty much any task, though it excels at high-speed towing, able to transport a caravan across a desert offroad at speeds exceeding 100 km/h. While the engine doesn’t create that much power, it generates almost 600nm of torque, and is even a capable rock crawler. The previous owner has taken the already excellent Bison, and performed many upgrades to it, including a lift kit, rear disc brakes, bigger tires and two spares, six jerrycans and even an extra fuel tank. To top it all off, the owner replaced the 4.3 litre I6 and 5-speed manual that came with the car, and managed to shoehorn a 6.5 litre, quad-turbo V12 engine, with an automatic gearbox for ease of driving and torque strength.

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MCF presents


yes, you read it...
The partnership with the long-experienced German DFW gave birth to this beauty, which is capable of 315 hp and more than 600 Nm of torque with low quality fuel, which in some territtories is the only one available. Careful calibration can bring to an output of more than 400 hp and 750 torques.
The short gear ratio - which anyways will make you reach 240 kph - favors acceleration rather than top speed so that every straight will just be a blink of an eye, but do not worry, because is in the coerners where this thing will give you surprises.
Sitting just a tiny touch over 1000 kilos and with an almost flat torque curve, the HiTrail 16T is one of the most effective vehicle of his category.
The innovative CAA® (Clever Aerodynamics Adjustment) will assicure not to fly for too long from dune to dune.
The limit is where you dare to push.
Submissions closed

Received car files from everyone. I count 21 entries, I’m going to be busy for a while :stuck_out_tongue:

Judging soon™


The art team meets to discuss and rank the variety of vehicles submitted for inclusion in the game. An extremely diverse set, thus a challenge to decide which is best.


You stumble in the wondrously intact-looking structure. Inside, your eyes meet a pristine-looking desert race car. Indeed, your eyes haven’t betrayed you, as a can of gasoline brings the beast to life.

“The Horsche Sakar’s proposal is a strong one - its detailed but doesn’t overdo it, and looks good in general. Perhaps some weathering or grime would have completed the look, but I think we should keep this one in mind.”

“Perhaps a bit conservative in the modifications department. We’ve got strong competition though, and I don’t think the Horsche offers enough…”


Parking up on the concrete structure next to the “supermarket” - whatever that is - you spot this vehicle smashed in to the facade of the building. After waiting around a while it becomes apparent this thing is looking for a new home. Maybe you’ll be the one to give it one.

“Now this is properly weathered, looks fitting for where it finds itself. Mods are tastefully done and look fitting for the vehicle.”

“The modifications made here are certainly less vanilla than the Horsche, and it looks good. I agree.”


Travelling along the main highway - or what is left of it, rather - you spot a vehicle on the side of the road. ‘Stylish!’ You think. And comfortable, upon closer inspection.

“Weathering is done nicely, the cargo satchels on the back are a nice touch, but there’s very little to speak of in respects to off-road-ability and general modifications. Looks nice, but is relatively bland.”

“Would have loved to see more modifications on it, I agree, but it does fill a nice niche in the game, for passenger transport quests, though its no revolution in mods.”

[Ironically, this is one of the least stat reliable vehicles in the challenge, with 58 reliability. Lack of mods besides rear satchels, and poor offroad capability.]


You enter the dilapidated building, looking around the assortment of old advertisements in the entrance. It looks like an abandoned dealership. Sure enough, you find a car stashed in the back…

“An incredible job on the grime, though it seems more suited for the road than the sand. Ground clearance is meagre at best. The thing does look amazing though.”

“I agree, it looks amazing but its viability is somewhat questionable without damaging itself going over bad terrain, though it has the electronic gubbins to pull off impressive manoeuvres on the trails.”

[This is one of the few bins for viability. It’s 2020, which isn’t a concern, but is geared for 79km/h in first, 118 in second and 177 in third, with top gear going to 413km/h, with an additional cameo from helical all-wheel-drive with electronic torque vectoring differentials, further exacerbated by very little ground clearance making any kind of high-speed dune hopping a pain for the spine and alloy wheels further making it less viable.]


You’ve been driving for a while until you slam the brakes. You are perplexed by the vehicle in front of you. A few bodies are scattered around. It slowly becomes obvious that this is a makeshift raiding ‘car’.

“The hell is this?”

“I suppose it could function as a vehicle you could build yourself from scratch.”

“I guess, but…why?”

[World war 2 proved land battleships don’t work. Neither does it work in this game.]


You walk up to a suspicious looking tarp. A quick shot at it doesn’t reveal any people, but it does reveal a vehicle made of an odd but incredibly light material. And it is FAST.

“Beautiful, and the cage is really well done. Good viability.”

“It’s indeed very good looking and well cooked. Plenty capable of off-road it seems, and plenty fast.”


Defeating the last of the stragglers around the torched building, you see a vehicle parked right beside the mess. Paint remarkably unharmed, it may prove an incredibly useful machine. Just keep adding gas.

“Really good looking, though it is missing weathering. Very plausible design and plenty of detail, though. I like it.”

“Agreed, the design is well done, again a little vanilla in terms of modifications but very well cooked. Really a shame it looks flat-out pristine, though. We’ll see how it compares.”

[Seen normally this is definitely not a bad vehicle, the mods are tastefully done but its missing weathering which is a bummer.]


You pass by a van on the road. It’s one of those haulers. Wow.

“This is a van.”

“With rust?”

“With rust. As a normal vehicle, it looks good, but only a bullbar and roof rack isn’t the most exciting stuff to show off.”

[It’s from Hilbert, so it wins. Of course. Real. Winnar.]




You drive over a particularly steep sand dune, and a delightful sight greets you - an abandoned vehicle rolled over. A quick tug on the roof rack gets it upright, and a screwdriver gets it started. Good stuff.

“Looks nice, but unfortunately no weathering and a bit basic on the modifications, barring those made under the hood of course.”

“Yep, looks nice as a stock vehicle but not much done for mods except under the hood. Would work well if it weren’t for the mods situation.”


You go to the finishing line of a race that was held a couple nights ago. Sure enough, someone couldn’t bear their loss, or something like that, because they left a perfectly good Sandrail right here.

“Fully modeled frame structure really is something - and looks the part, especially in the setting for a fully stripped down racer - really well done.”

“Agreed. Player could have a lot of fun customising it as well, plenty of places to mount things, maybe even panels or whatever. Really nice.”

[Simple, yet very impressive and good looking, and fits the setting very well.]


Defeating the lock of the gate, you manage to slip in to the military installation. A Salamander greets you! Never again will locked gates be an issue, or anything else requiring force for that matter.

“Wow. That thing is huge, and detailed at that. Different configurations are also really well done. Thought through, and executed really well.”

“Got touches everywhere, it’s really good. Really.”


The first thing that comes to mind when you look at an abandoned Torshalla Kattunge Turbo is strapping it on a Ryuji 4x4 chassis. A glorious machine is the result.

“This thing’s packed with nice details and a good bit of comedy as well. Good golly, this is really well done.”

“Has some weathering and the details are amazing. The engine sticking out the bonnet is so good.”


You look in the trailer of the destroyed truck. Inside, you see a similarly-decorated vehicle. Time to take it for a spin.

“It looks good, but it seems the designer’s missed the mark. It’s really good as a racecar, but just doesn’t fit the setting.”

“If it was only about racing and not related to post-apocalypse this’d be competing at the top, yeah.”

[Seems like you missed the apocalypse part :sweat_smile:. It’s otherwise a great little vehicle (barring 50 reliability), but it’s just way too clean and quite convincingly a pure-bred racecar rather than a converted thing like the Porsch err…Horsche.]


Along with a large metal cylinder - apparently called a ‘submarine’ - a car is parked. A bit of hacking and welding at it, and its turned in to a monster.

“Man, this thing’s detailed inside and out. No surface seems untouched, and all of it works well. This really is an incredible vehicle.”

“I agree with all of that. It’s really great. All of it is nicely done and detailed.”


A bit of poking and prodding at a garage door results in the reveal of a vehicle. Lavishly customised, panels cut for clearance, and an exposed heart - perfect for going fast…

“The last few’s been treats, haven’t they? Excellent work on the details, and the mismatched bonnet works so well.”

“A little dirt would’ve made it perfect, but as it is now…damn.”


You enter the compound. It appears to be some kind of landscaping company. In the back, you find a truck loaded with assorted tools and a fair share of dirt, comfirming your suspicions.

“Hm… It looks odd. It’s got a carbon hood, carbon accents, snorkel and a blower…? Why’s the gas cap on the front? Am I nitpicking?”

“Well, it’s not really that fitting. It looks new, and the details are off.”

[This car’s odd in multiple ways. It’s 1700kg, and equipped with a 95-horsepower 3-litre I6, which makes it pathetically underpowered for most things (20.3 second 0-100). The gearing isn’t offensive, with a 43km/h first gear, but a 300km/h top gear. It’s equipped with lockers - normal - but also on-demand AWD instead of 4x4…why? 1995 as well, but equipped with a single-barrel single-carb carburetor. Springs and lifters are super soft, but cam profile is well within sport cam range at 50, but it only revs to 3600RPM, and the crank vibrates to death at 3200RPM because it doesn’t have any kind of balancing. The car’s simple enough to tank the 53.6 reliability and turn it in to a low-but-respectable 67.3. Kind of impressive.]


You arrive at the large building. In one of the structures on the side, a vehicle is housed. It looks like it’s fast. It is fast. Could it be faster? Probably. With the right modifications.

“Wow, damn. This thing’s beautiful and well thought-out, with a unique defining characteristic not seen anywhere here.”

“Well-weathered, too. More than excellent work. I’m really impressed.”


Visiting the merchant, you ask if he has any vehicles laying around. He reluctantly nods, knowing your reputation, and points toward the unassuming little truck. “That’s mine, but can change if you have coin.”

“It looks really good for how little’s been done to it, really. The delete of some components exposing everything underneath really sells the look for me.”

“Whole thing’s rust and grime, but it somewhow doesn’t feel like too much - for an underdog vehicle like this it doesn’t even feel out of place to be this grimey.”


You go to the ‘supermarket’ again - still no idea what that is - and looking around more, you find a massive truck. It’s missing a couple panels, but that’s nothing some part splicing won’t fix.

“Thing looks good. Not all too outrageous in modifications. Kind of looks stock, to be honest.”

“Hmm… Yeah, it kinda looks vanilla. The mismatched door and bonnet is a nice touch, but the rest of the weathering is not coherent with the fresh and shiny paint.”


After exploring the remains of some big cluster of buildings, you come across a true land barge. Six wheels, V16 engine… If you find a straight stretch of road, you’re in for a hell of a ride…

“Oh damn, a land barge. Looks the part, and good. Not exactly practical. Very impractical in fact.”

“It’s weathered well, and the modifications are bold if simplistic. Good stuff, plenty of character.”


You’ve been driving for a while. In the distance you spot a couple of vehicles. Deciding it’d be a nice time to stop and inspect them, you get closer. Turns out to be one, massive vehicle. A limousine. Standard procedures to clear the area, and then clear the vehicle itself. Suddenly, a figure hits the window, and a bullet fails to penetrate the window. Opening the door, a second shot dispatches the thing. Reading a bit about what this thing is, you decide it’s time to speed off in this new ride.

“Holy shit.”

“It very much looks for the edge of what’s appropriate and nails it. It’s almost too absurd, but not enough of that. It’s pretty much exactly right. Not conservative enough to fall under ‘bland’, but not too much to be odd. God damn.”

Alright, let’s not dwell on this any longer.


/10. @dkosht’s Grand Imperial - A six-wheeled land barge with questionable practicality. It looks really good, but its gone too far on the absurdity scale for me, along with not being that good at off-roading (understatement) pushes it down. Then again, it ain’t bad at all.
/9. @Sandstorm’s Benson Bully - I really like this one specifically. It’s not actually that complicated and most of the detail is a given with the body, but the proportions are just right and the excessive weathering kind of suits the vehicle.
/8. @Fayeding_Spray’s Dayzen Rockstar - Bright, vibrant paint kind of spoils the look, though the stupendous detail with the external cage is commendable and the vehicle generally looks quite good.
/7. @Madrias’s Ironclad Salamander Multi-Purpose Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicle - It looks simplistic, but underneath the skin it’s impressive what details are put in. The turret is out-there, and it serves a good purpose with plenty of options to customise the vehicle. Damn impressive knowing your computer situation.
/6. @Maverick74’s Swede Speed - Maybe not as externally “Out There” as its peers, but underneath a lot is done, and it fits well, while being packed with details like the engine sticking out and the door mounted on the tail end. Its weathering is also done well without being overzealous.
/5. @Knugcab’s V8 Sandrail by LMJ Design - Despite being so simple shape-wise, it works so well for the setting. Of course there would be a giant-engined dune-buggy thing. Of course it’d be ridiculously fast. Of course it’d be good. And Knug nailed it.
/4. @Mikonp7 Popas Uranium V10 “Desert Runner” - From the external cage to the boxes and stuff like the 3d modeled bumpers, even to inside the vehicle, this vehicle is packed with detail. Even with the touches like the rear doors being bolted shut. It’s well thought out, and well-executed.
/3. @Riley’s Zephorus Stelvio SandSpeeder - While all except but elephant in the room don’t really sell it that much, the fact that it’s on skids is a silly and honestly great addition that gives it this place. It helps that the Stelvio looks more than great stock.
/2. @Prium’s Vulcrum Valiance “Hope” - The mods are drastic, there’s so much detail to go around. It’s a bit clean, but it is extremely well executed. The modifications make sense and give it a great character. It earns its place on the podium.
/1. @crab_4333’s Roswell Flamo ‘Badlander’ - it hits the nail on the head in terms of slightly insane modifications. From the engine sticking out the top, the inclusion of guns, hell, the greatness even extends to the interior of the limousine. It is also weathered, but not to the point of being driving rust. It’s just right.

Extra deetz:

Headache award (Longest name): Madrias with the Ironclad Salamander Multi-Purpose Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicle, and the…get ready…ahem…Ironclad 10.9L V12 - D-QTI-DI-R4k-H750-T1300-AnyFuel-MilSpec Clone-engine.

Brevity Award (Shortest name): 0rangeGhost with the Grimjunk.

Excess Award (Most power): Madrias (again) with the cough Ironclad 10.9L V12 - D-QTI-DI-R4k-H750-T1300-AnyFuel-MilSpec Clone-engine making 762.0bhp @ 3700RPM and 1322.0lb-ft (!) @ 2400RPM.

Bicycle Award (Least power): Redfoxlol with the 1995 Argente Humbucker-engine making an anemic 96.3bhp @ 3600RPM and 149.9lb-ft @ 3000RPM.

Dubious Old Merc Which Is Listed On Craigslist As “Must Go” For 200$ Even Though It’s A 550SEL And Should Be Listed For A Higher Price Unless The Entire Car Was Underwater For Several Weeks Which It Probably Was Award (Worst reliability): MCF with the Solothurn Racing DFW HiTrail16T clocking in at a whole 56.9 total reliability.

“beats walkin” Corolla Award (Best reliability): Madrias (again again) with the Ironclad Salamander Multi-Purpose Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicle clocking in at a whole 89.6 total reliability.

Makes Your House Look Bigger Award (Smallest): MCF (again) with the 3.88m long Solothurn Racing DFW HiTrail16T.

Screw The House Award (Biggest): Madrias (again again again) with the Ironclad Salamander Multi-Purpose Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicle. I don’t think I need to explain this one in detail.

Prius Award (Best economy): MCF (again again) with the Solothurn Racing DFW HiTrail16T clocking in at 32.6mpg.

I Am Made Of Oil Award (Worst economy): Djadania with the BetterDeals Sheriff’s Fear clocking in at a thirsty 4.2mpg. Yes. 4.2.

I feel the need… Award (Fastest): azkaalfafa with the Kotatsu Margo “Outreacher” with a top speed of over 411 km/h (!).

Clean Machine Award (Highests emissions standard): azkaalfafa (again) with the Kotatsu Margo “Outreacher” which still only gets WES 8 lol

Thank you all for participating!

holy shit top 10.

Great Challenge and Great presentation all round :raised_hands:


I had fun in this one, and it’s kinda funny to me, because I’d already built the Salamander for other reasons.

Also amusing to see how many minor awards it picked up.

Fun fact - that absurd engine tag actually has meaning.

D: Diesel (or at least, it’s a pseudo diesel.)
QTI: Quad Turbo Intercooled.
DI: Direct Injection
R4k: Redline, 4000 RPM.
H750: You are guaranteed at least 750 Horsepower.
T1300: You are guaranteed at least 1300 lb-ft of Torque.
AnyFuel: Low Quality Unleaded gasoline selected.
MilSpec: Who gives a rip about emissions?

The clone was left over from when I actually cloned the vehicle.

I’m surprised it wasn’t the worst on fuel efficiency.


Troll complete; Return to battleship


Time to trash my graduation parchment to make room for these honestly much more rewarding awards.

We want this game on Steam...
Great challenge jokes apart, I really enjoyed it. All those very different vehicles, you just want to drive all of them 🤩

yeah first challenge i’ve ever done so i’m not really sure what i was hoping for but at least i got the least power award so. yay?

i’m probably gonna rework the humbucker to be better at some point tbh

What does the “INV.” status mean?

I think it means inventory space