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Sand Speeder

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Sand Speeder is an open-ended action-adventure game taking place on a fictional post-apocalyptic planet in the process of rebuilding society. The player drives around the large, partially procedural map, meeting various anthropomorphic characters and their factions, along with discovering settlements and artefacts from times long gone. The player can buy upgrades to their vehicle or generally customise it visually to their liking, with parts bought or scavenged from parts scattered throughout the map. An additional combat element is included, where players must face off against bandits or other factions, to protect their own, or go alone as a mercenary, for additional financial incentives (and respective reputational damage). Fortunately, other ways of earning money are in the game, such as deliveries, rescues, exploration and selling aforementioned artefacts. Players can befriend characters and bring them with them, with their abilities being able to complement the player’s skill or simply serve as a companion in the wastes. It’s all up to the player to decide what they want. Find out what happened to the place, become a faction leader - it’s all up to them.

as a list:

  • Survival action-adventure with role-playing elements
  • Expansive vehicle customisation and vehicle maintenance
  • Assortment of anthropomorphic characters, interactible
  • People and faction relationships, questing, money

What will be judged?

  • Appearance
    |_ It needs to look the part for the setting. Doesn’t have to be a total rustbucket, but a fair amount of weathering will be valued. Older vehicles will be valued (mostly due to repairability and simplicity reasons), but if you can make a 2024 car work, that’s fine too.
  • Detailing
    |_ Just ‘an car’ need not apply - from auxillary lights to auxillary engines, go wild, tack stuff on, build it as the player fully customised it to their own preference. Paintwork, bodywork, all counts!
  • Creativity
    |_ You don’t have to default to Mad Max. Hell, if you can make a tank work I’ll give it a fair shot, though it’d be pretty darn situational (though some speedrunner would make a video about using it exclusively…). Maybe a complete shitbox will suffice, a land barge with anemic propulsion, maybe even a plane if need be…
  • Off-road ability
    |_ There is unfortunately no getting around it, roads are scarce and those which do exist are in poor condition. The cars will be used off-road a lot.

In-game stats will only be used for flavour text/graphics and classifying the vehicle. Design goes first.

Da roolz
(not many of them…)

  • Naming convention:
    Model name: AGC33 - your username
    Engine family name: AGC33 - your username
    Trim & engine variant names: unrestricted
  • 85 RON low quality unleaded gasoline required - easier to refine
  • Advanced trim settings are unrestricted.

and the deadlines:

  • rule discussion until Thursday, 25th of January 23:59 UTC+1
  • submission deadline until Sunday, 11th of February 23:59 UTC+1

'Normal' Inspirations

Wouldn't be opposed...

'Hear me out...'


Ironically, I might have something half-built already that could work for this…

There’s a bit of Mad Max in the ruleset, but as it states, there’s no need to go all the way in that direction.

I do feel like the nomad vehicles in Cyberpunk 2077 are also a good visual inspiration for such a game, at least in how existing vehicles are modded for heavy use on rough terrain.

Considering that it is a rather design heavy challenge, and the game having its limitations, some clarification about when it is OK to use ATS and not would be welcome.

After taking a quick look at the premise, I just realized it reminds me of something that’s part Mad Max: The Game, part Rage 2. It seems you forgot a racing sidequest as an additional means of income, though.

Also a clarification on budget or quality or tech pool would be nice too, in regards to the off-road score - will aesthetics play a big part on the off-roading score or is it purely in-game? Since if there is no budget limits I’m sure people could go wild.

ATS is unrestricted, will clarify.

In-game stats will not be judged, off-road capability will be subjectively judged, but it’s more of a thing to keep in mind rather than something you need to optimise. Think of it as a thing to not forget your design needs to do but a unimog won’t automatically win so to say

That would be part of the game yes.

You say that you won’t put too much emphasis behind ingame stats. Will you look at engineering at all, or will engineering choices not be judged no matter how little sense they make?

Stats, nay. Engineering will be to cut up the reviews in to categories if required, and will only matter if the vehicle is egregiously bad. The developers would probably just give some reasonable car a welded differential if it comes submitted with an open one, but if it’s a front longitudinal turbocharged I3 sending power to a two-speed slushbox with an open diff to the front wheels, then questions will be raised to whether the car is appropriate or not

"Dayzen Rockstar"

Based on a high end supercar, the Rockstar is a light weight, low armour speed machine. Featuring a 5L V10 at its core, RWD, raised suspension, a converted manual, and enough cut paneling and pipes to make any dystopic world jealous.

Now, the Piping over the doors do make them impossible to open, so we came up with a solution for that too! There’s a hole in the roof you can open and close to get inside with instead. Easier that way than fitting through the small side windows… Not that you can open them either with all that protective mesh in the way. There’s a lot of protective piping which is probably very not needed, considering this thing is a carbon fibre chassis thingo, but sometimes the need to look cool beats practicality.

What’s this big fucker on the back here, making it really annoying to work on the engine? I’m glad you asked! This is a tray to carry cargo. It’s a car made to run very quickly, not fight back. You’d wanna race or transport people with this thing. If you need to fight, you brought the wrong car. Maybe your buddy can poke their head out the access hole with a gun in a pinch? I dunno, I’m not their boss.

It runs on the required rat piss, it drives over sand well, sometimes it can do snow (I don’t know if there is actually snow though.) I think I’ve reinforced this car is a lover, not a fighter, right? Bounce along with your cargo, your friends, and like a pistol. There’s probably some mods the player could do to make it more like a fight car, but this version is not the fighting type. Seriously, if you ended up in a fight driving this one, you made a bit of a mistake.


Wow look! It’s the fastest car on earth! An old company van driven by :sparkles: some fucking guy :sparkles:

Look there's pipes and shit on the roof

He’s tailgating someone now!


Ironclad Salamander

“Violence is not the answer. It is the question, and the answer is always yes.”

If these words resonate with you the most, then you might just be the kind of person who wants the Ironclad Salamander Multi-Purpose Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicle.

Powered by a 10.9 liter quad-turbocharged V12 diesel engine, a 10 speed automatic transmission, 8 wheel drive with six wheel steering, and if needed, two propellers out back for any water you might encounter, this armored truck is designed for battle.

Is it fast? Hell no. But there are very few people who can outrun a bullet, let alone the storm of lead pouring out of your dual minigun turrets, or who can dodge one of your 24 guided missiles. It’s a 12-ton invitation to a closed-casket funeral for anyone who gets between you and your goal.

With seating capacity for 8 crew, you can become the king of your own faction of raiders or mercenaries, and wreak havoc upon the wasteland. Races are easy to win after you shoot your competition. Locked gates won’t remain that way once you bring the heavily reinforced front end into play.

Different turret options are available for the roof, and if you feel you need to take it down a notch or three, it’s certainly possible with the Modular Rear Tray System.

(A different customization, showing the cargo box instead of missile turret, and a quad-minigun turret instead of the dual-minigun turret.)

Rumor has it that there are some special versions of the Salamander around, including a legend of a one-of-a-kind 10x10 Atomic Weapon Carrier. Of course, even if you do find it, you’ll have to find some command codes to use the weapons system on it… And that could take some serious exploring to find.


1982 Benson Bully


2024 MMW Nevada 3500

What better way to endure the apocalyptic wastelands than a big-ass American truck? Once a humble rental truck, it now proudly displays its age and battle scars, along with a smattering of salvaged and custom parts installed so that it can perform best at its task - roam the wilderness and live to tell the tale.



1998 - Popas Uranium

3 Tons of metal pipes

Once a luxury offroader for the wealthy and powerful of the USSR, now a purpose tuned offroader for running deliveries and other kind of supply runs. While the giant V10 of the Uranium was mostly left untouched the interior lost its luxury backseats to make more room for precious cargo. To further protect the payload a big exocage was fitted and the new space behind the front seats now room protective tools to keep the deliveries safe from anyone daring to stand in the way of the tireless Uranium




Seeing the relatively positive reception of the Kotatsu Passion “Sirloin” and Kotatsu Margo “Rosemary”, MysteryWorks decided to go on and experiment on another style of tuning. Once again taking the AWD Margo as a base, the build takes place in “Sand Speeder”, a post-apocalyptic survival action-adventure game with vehicles playing a huge part in it.

Nicknamed “Outreacher”, the car is equipped from the get go with a 3.5L twin-turbocharged V6 pushing out 450 HP, all-wheel drive, and a limited slip differential, like in real life. Naturally, however, this can be improved; the demonstration model in the pictures is tuned to put out 540 horsepowers and is equipped with offroad tires and suspensions, a basic external rollcage, a winch and tow hooks, auxiliary lights for extra visibility, and a roof rack for extra storage with an awning attached to the side, in case the driver needs to take a break and rest mid-exploration.


Reminder that there’s about a week left (as of 10 hours ago). a day ago. It isn’t monday :grimacing:

Submission reminder in a couple days.


1995 Argente Humbucker

Once used by another explorer, much like the player, this truck now sits dormant, waiting for another driver to fire up its engine once again.

The player would find this truck parked in a gas station as shown by the picture, with the only customization being the chunky offroad tires and three cans of fuel in the back.

However, this is what you could possibly turn it into:

The customization shown in this picture is equipped with various upgrades to make it ideal for long-range explorations and cargo collection/delivery. “But the bash bar is blocking the trunk door!” I hear you say. Fear not, there’s a door in the interior which you can get to the cargo from. Which is code for ‘I realized this too late and I can’t be bothered to fix it so I might as well do more with less’.

Here’s a couple photos of the two customizations side by side.

(this is my first time participating in a challenge so it might suck but it looked fun so :person_shrugging:)


Zephorus Stelvio


Modifications over the original include:
DAKR roof rack. Tent and side awning modified to fit, full frontal lightbar with rear spots, fuel cans and other liquid storage and tools can be stored just under the tent box.
DAKR front bumper. Bullbar and rock basher modified to fit
Rear suspension custom fit
Rear chassis mount towbar conversion
Front suspension custom fit, with skis for less resistance over sand.
Top exit exhausts and engine bay shutter
3.0L B6 from the Stelvio entre now runs on low quality fuel, but added single turbo for more reliable power.

These cars are not a real product of any manufacturer, any likeness or other similarities to real brands is purely coincidence. Actual model may change in final submission.