AGC34-Junkyard Aces [CANCELLED]

AGC - 34


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Game theme

The year is 1945. The war is finally over, and thousands of brave soldiers are coming back to their homeland in US. Among them there’s a group of pilots tasked to send all kinds of planes to military surplus yards, in order to be dismantled. These pilots have grown fond of their machines, so they don’t want them to leave them to rust in the desert. So they decide to give them a new lease of life as road (or rather sand trail) racing machines. These pilots call themselves the “Junkyard Aces”
15 years later, the small group grew up to a whole battalion of veteran-turned-racecar pilots.
They build their machines from whatever they can get at the disposal yard, and race them across twists and turns through that same place. You’re one of those daredevil pilots devoted to these machines… what are you going to build?

In short:
– Racing game with cars made out of 1940’s and 1950’s airplane parts
– Mix of space age and rat rod racecars
– Realistic racing, as in, no guns or special abilities



The pilots build their cars to race, but also to show off, even if they are made out of broken up airplanes. Make sure they look the part!

Cars are built using airplane parts, but that doens’t mean they have to be 100% made out of them. You can use a regular car (albeit period correct) as a starting point, but extra points go for creativity.

Brushed metal and pinup girls might be the standard for looks, but don’t be scared to be original and authentic while looking “period correct”


There's no actual limitations here, you can pick a whole radial or inline engine, turbojet, etc. It only matters that the car really looks like it has the power figures that it has (you can also show visually what kind of engine are you using).

Remember, as long as it’s period correct, it’s a good choice. You can go big, heavy and powerful, or small, light, and nimble. As always, be original, but be period-correct.


– Car model year and Engine family year must be from 1960 or earlier
– No V16s (don’t have the extra content from the game)
– Car must use cross ply tires
– Engine must use 110 octane fuel (similar to what airplanes used back in the day)
– Advanced trim settings are allowed
– Naming convention:
Model name: AGC34 - your username
Engine family name: AGC34 - your username
Trim and Engine variant name: whatever you want

Real life inspirations

Funny stuff made with AI

Rule discusion until Friday 15th of March 23:59 CST
Entries submission until Sunday 31st of March 23:59 CST

Fuel switched to 110 AvGas
Engine techpool is allowed to be modified to get turbochargers and other stuff (don’t push it too much)


Why set the model/family years to 1960 even though the game is set in 1945? Is this to accommodate the more advanced technology available by then?

Also, I’m assuming the default techpool allocation of +5 must be used, unless stated otherwise.

best challenge for a long time


The game is set in 1960

Lore-wise, the game is set in 1960 to show some development in the race cars.

Game-wise, it’s set in 1960 so there’s more variety of bodies to use.

Also yes, techpool should be left at +5

May I ask why we are not using 110 RON leaded AvGas rather than 100 RON unleaded? After all, isn’t AvGas like actually airplane fuel?

are crossply race tires allowed or road tires only?

BetterDeals returns with another vehicle.
Now, how does one get a cheap plane? Planes are expensive.

Meet the BetterDeals HPD Kid! The perfect mix of a plane and automobile!

Now, you may be wondering how this is in any way related to a plane. Let me explain.

To keep the price low, it uses the exact same engine as a Glider Plane!
This makes it ideal for going downhill, but in the rare case that you would like to go downhill, we have you covered.
It has pedals taken from the SUMPAC, used to pedal forward at whatever speed your legs can handle!

Since a human has about 1.2 horsepower if healthy, this should be more than sufficient to move the vehicle when not going downhill.

Oh, and the body? Panels sourced from crashed planes.

So what are you waiting for? Buy now!|attachment (34.5 KB)

BeamNG version (works mostly fine… just don’t lift) (33.6 KB)


Acording to some serious scientific and peer reviewed sources (i.e. wikipedia) ww2 airplanes used 100 octane fuel. It could be either 100 or 110 for all that matters lmao.


Good question. Maybe sticking to race cross ply would be better, but it’s open for debate


No price limit? Too few priorities, then just make a 2.000 HP V16 with lot of grips in the car and win

As stated in the judging criteria, performance is not the main focus. It’s mostly set to resemble something acurate to the game lore. The only real issue with a 2000HP V16 is that I don’t have the game expansion and I wouldn’t be able to judge it (thanks for mentioning it, already added that into the rules)


Is 1.2 horsepower too much to be realistic? Just making sure.


Also if performance is in priority, then should the car be fast, or should it be grippy, or make it all rounder, you don’t know, you should explain the race more instead of twist and turns, is the race only has turns and no straight, or it is balanced with turns and straights

If you want specifics, the only performance figures I’ll really take into account will be engine power vs. weight, acceleration and top speed, since the game is set to be more arcade-ish. Everything else will be taken into consideration only as text source for the verdict (i.e. stiff suspension makes it great for asphalt circuits, high aero load means good cornering speed, etc.)

any rules against using techpool for unlocking turbos/the heavy truck body that can fit larger engines and provide a more realistic weight of something of that size?

Would something like this be binned? Lockheed started development of the D-21 in 1960 sooooo …

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mostly depends on the air force, iirc by war’s end the allies were running their planes on 150 octane fuel while the soviets were stuck in the 90s with the germans somewhere in the middle

Hmm, I commented earlier that techpool should be left at +5 for simplicity, but turbocharged plane engines did exist during WW2 so it would make sense to use them.

As for bodies, I don’t really see a need to use increase techpool to get even more of them, there’s already plenty to use, even more considering that you can use bodies from up to 1965

If you can make it look like something mentioned in the styling premises, then why not?

If you’re planning to use that exact design with no changes other than 4 wheels and a cockpit, it won’t get banned, but it won’t win any prices either

@Sealboi yeah, that’s true. In any case it’s a minor rule and can be changed to 110 AvGas