Air suspension

I would like to know why air suspension “disapers” in more modern cars. While hydropneumatic is I think available for every car.

Is it just becouse air suspension was added later to game, end mod cars have not listed it as option?

Or newer bodies are supposed to not have that option? If that. Then why.? It is used in modern times

It depends on your suspension choices. If I recall correctly, multilink systems aren’t compatible with air suspension.

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Well from “test” that I made. There is no difference what suspension you choose(or what combination). There is air “spring” or there is no.

EDIT: Well my fault. There is no “air” with MacPherson. But only with MacPherson.

So then question is: Why no air with MacPherson while there is hydropneumatic.

Also if maker of game would reply. Other question to not make more topics.
Why “Torsion Beam” is only with “Front Transverse”?

Ah, MacPherson is the one, I couldn’t remember which it was.

Air suspension and hydropneumatic suspension are entirely different systems. I don’t know enough about suspension assemblies to know the limitations of combinations, just that those are different and so have different applications.

Edit: torsion beam suspension doesn’t allow for a rear axle, so it’s only compatible with front wheel drive cars. Whether or not it’s available with longitudinal front wheel drive, I don’t know.

Both air(pneumatic) end hydropneumatic are (semi)active fluid suspensions.

Air(pneumatic) use 1 fluid, air for height regulation end main work.
Hydropneumatic use 2 fluids. Some gas end liquid. Gas is for more smootnes… While liquid is used for height regulation end as main working thing.

From what I know. I’m not car engineering or car geek/nerd :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Because an air bag cannot control lateral movement. On a MacPherson Strut, the shock is being used to locate the tire, it is a part of the telemetry. Similar to how leaf springs are used to locate the axle. On coil spring axles, multilink and double wishbone suspensions however, the wheel is completely stabilized through the suspension components themselves, leaving the air bag to act solely as a spring.


Shock down the center, should be little trouble reengineer this for MacPherson leg.

There are MacPherson Air suspensions.

Air suspension don’t need to be holow circular bag like thing. It can be tourus with rod inside. Simply taking out coil spring end replacing it with Air “spring” end you have MacPherson Air suspension.

The torsion bar was invented by Ferdinand Porsche for the typ1 (or Beetle), and the Porsche 356. And it was both the same chassis (with rear engines).

They weren’t invented by Porsche because he based his suspension design on the one used by Tatra cars of that era.

I also fail to see why you revived this thread with a post that is irrelevant to the current topic, since torsion spring suspension wasn’t mentioned once in this thread.