Akamatsu Motor Design Thread (赤松モーターデザインスレッド)

I think this thing is my personal favorite out of all the cars you have made so far

very adorable


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1998-2003 Sapphire Premica Advance

The Premica Advance is a new trim introduced to replace the Prestige, as is the updated styling for 1998 to usher in the new millennium. Each new generation of Sapphire has its own special range of fancy-named trims for the execs to brag about at the Christmas party, from the Grand Star of the 60’s to the Celestia of the 80’s, but the Premica Advance brings something special to the party this year, slotted just below the Sportara in the performance range of trims, the Premica Advance has a tuned 3.0L NA V6 with 202HP paired to a 6 speed manual with a welded LSD. To complement the underpinnings, the Advance comes with a subtle spoiler, fender flares and stylish lightweight rims, alongside all the creature comforts you’ve come to expect as a proud Sapphire owner.


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1995 Sapphire Ascent 4WD
The second rarest trim behind the Sportara, although compared to the about 500 genuine* fifth gen. Sportaras known to exist, there are about 395,000 fifth gen. Ascents, it came standard with 4WD and a 2.7L NA V6.

*You can get your regular Sapphire Verso (base model Sapphire, for low level execs only) dressed up as a Sportara for cheap, good luck finding something similar to the famously distinct V8 engine though :wink:

Speaking of, the Sportara has received a light revision, mainly tweaked suspension and drivetrain tuning, fixture optimization and a freshly engineered 4.6L V8 with 395HP still going to the rear wheels.