Akamatsu Motor Design Thread (赤松モーターデザインスレッド)

k im back

2008-2014 Protera 4WR (Third Generation)

They say Legends never die, and that’s true. Although the Protera took a quick break throughout the mid 2000s, the second generation not only had a long and successful rallying career, it also found owners in the illegal street racing scene in the Nine Thou fuelled madness that was the mid 00s, now at the twilight years of the decade, and the dawn of the next one, the Protera is back and better than ever.

Equipped with the winning formula 2.0L Turbo I4, this incarnation is now pushing nearly 275HP while still going easy on the gas. Petrol, that is, you can still floor this thing and do some sick skids both on the asphalt, and the dirt. Did I mention this girl is now AWD? Yeah, she’s AWD.


Im new here how do i get it

I deleted it’s file a very long time ago, and I generally don’t put my work up for download.


2020-2022 Sapphire F7

This is what happens when first class doesn’t cut it for you, a touch of opulence but still not wallet obliterating, still uses the finest leather sourced from that dodgy ethics record company, but who cares about how those animal meatbags feel when you can sit in class-leading comfort on their skin? Still equipped with a purring 3.0L naturally aspirated V6 motor, plus a new hybrid system, you can take it easy on the road, and on gas.

2021 Sapphire F7R

For the more… let’s just say, thrill seeking businessman, there’s the F7R, less luxuries, more carbon race bits. Just like the Sapphire GT of 20 years past, you can rip down the freeway late for that business meeting you’re probably going to sleep through anyway. Now with a 5.0L naturally aspirated V8 producing close to 600 horses and now converted from AWD to RWD, on top of near 50/50 weight distribution, this girl has combines classy elegance, and rough-play power.


The range-topping Sapphire F7R is a menacing machine for anyone to see in their rear-view mirrors - and to think that all those 600 horsepower come from a normally aspirated V8! Needless to say, that trim would be a must-drive for any enthusiast worth their salt - but even the lesser F7 easily makes a case for itself.

its basically the femboy of the automotive world

2002-2007 Miso 1.3GLi

The cutest new car on sale today, about the size of an actual bowl of miso soup, it’s powered by the fearful 1.3L I4 with an earth shattering 84HP!!. Despite not being as quick and agile as a Protera, or as luxurious and classy as a Sapphire, the Miso still gets the job done, both doubling as a cut price supermarket runabout, and a highly fashionable accessory car to complement your brand new Motorola flip phone.