Alba Enginering LTD. + Alba Performance Division

Alba Engineering LTD.

Alba engineering is a company formed in the UK in 1954 by Marc and Maxie Richmond with the intent of building chassis’ and doing bespoke coachwork.

They wouldn’t build their own models up until the 60s, With their first model: The Cordillera. Admittedly, it wasn’t much more than a copy of an existing japanese vehicle.

They made fairly low-volume production cars with cheap and common engines strapped on an original chassis, and only started experimenting with engines in the mid to late 60s.

The cars in question weren’t the best, some models with glaring issues on aspects like the electronics or ignition system; This however did not stop them from giving racing a try, Entering the 24h of LeMans in the year 196(x) with a chassis dubbed the FR-1. Needless to say, They didn’t finish, But they did gain valuable experience from it.

They continued operating similarly up until 1981, when they were acquired by (Blank), Turning into a more robust Luxury market company with a much larger budget, and market reach.