Aldeane Automobile Company


Aldeane Automobile Company


Aldeane Automobile Company was founded in 1925 at Detroit, Michigan by Christopher Rutherwynn Aldean. The brand was designed to compete with the top luxury of its time. After several years of engineering, they came out with the Aldeane Model One in 1927.

Since then, Aldeane Automobile Company have been producing quality American luxury cars. However, it stopped making cars in 1939 to build military vehicles for the US army during WW2. They started making cars again in 1946. Since then, it has been one of the US premiere luxury car maker, even in the 80s where other American luxury companies tried to compete with the imports, Aldeane Automobile Company stayed in its roots. Christopher R. Aldeane sadly passed away in 1967. The company was now led by his son, John T. Aldeane. Starting from the late 60s, Aldeane has started experimenting with the performance segment with its Python muscle car. Today, the most refined Aldeane performance car can be found with the latest Phython.

Current Models

Python - Muscle/Personal Luxury Coupe/GT (est. 1969)
Winstrow - Executive Compact Sedan (est. 2004)
Remington - Executive Sedan/Coupe (est. 2007)
Arnette - Full-size Luxury Sedan (est. 1946)
Colladia - Midsize SUV (est. 2012)
Arcallade - Fullsize SUV (est. 1993)

Discontinued Models

Model One - Luxury Sedan (1927-1932)
Model Duo - Luxury Sedan (1933-1939)
Oaker - Compact Luxury Sedan (1946-1973)
Colombus - Personal Luxury Coupe (1955-1989)


I’ve never heard of this brand before. Is this for the rebooted Generations challenge? If so, I expect you to put as much work into this one as you did for Tanaka previously.

1956 1st Generation Aldeane Bellevenue


Original 1956 Aldeane Bellevenue Advertisement

No, not original lol…

The 1st Generation Bellevenue was introduced on 18 November 1955 for the 1956 model year. It uses a shorter wheelbase version of the Arnette’s FA-Platform. This new platform is called the MA-Platform, used in the sedan and wagon version of the Bellevenue, as well as the 1st generation Colombus later introduced in 1958. The Bellevenue served as a mid-size premium and luxury sedan and the cheapest way to own an Aldeane (before the Oaker taking that role in the early 60s). Unlike the Arnette of the 50s, the Bellevenue doesn’t have rear suicide doors and doesn’t have the badge hood ornament. But like the Arnette of the 50s, more specifically the 3rd generation, there are twin-headlights on each side, and the trapezoid grill.

Trim Levels and Engine Options

1956 Aldeane Bellevenue Institute 6 Sedan shown

1956 Aldeane Bellevenue Saphire 6 Sedan shown

1956 Aldeane Bellevenue Institute 8 Cruiser shown


Ignore the fact that the 1st 2 Bellevenues has V8 badges but no dual exhaust. I forgot to put it, hehe… Just imagine the car without the V8 badges.

Aldeane Bellevenue 6 Sedan (the most basic): $14700. When you order a Bellevenue, take a look at the pricing list below.

Body Style

Cruiser (+$300)

  • Slightly stiffer Heavy-Duty suspension included

Trim Levels and Equipment


  • 3-Speed manual with 4th gear overdrive
  • 14-inch dog dish hudcaps
  • Premium leather seats with woodgrain interior trim
  • Premium AM radio and a high-quality single-speaker system

Saphire (+$3000)

  • 2-speed auto-shift transmission
  • 14-inch Saphire hudcaps
  • Luxurious leather interior
  • Luxury AM radio and a high-quality single-speaker system

Engine Options

Aldeane “183” Duty 6

  • 116HP
  • 160lb-ft of torque
  • 92RON Regular Leaded Fuel
  • Single barrel triple carburettor
  • Single-tip exhaust

Aldeane “289” Twin 8 (+$1900)

  • 171HP
  • 247lb-ft of torque
  • 92RON Regular Leaded Fuel
  • Single barrel triple carburettor
  • Dual exhaust
  • Extra V8 badging on the trunk


That’s it for the 1st generation Bellevenue. You can order your own Bellevenue by PMing me. Just a reminder that the MA-Platform this has is also shared with the Colombus. Stay tuned…


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