Alfora Automotor Design Studio

Although i cant really afford to “design” real cars with real purpose, I will post here just models designed by ALFORA that focus only on perfomance or other things, so, they are just concept cars. If you want to know the specs of the car, just ask it. Playing in the UE4 makes you dont know how to create a car that would fit the market.

55’ Alza (160km/h max - 12.7s 0-100km/h)

70’ Advanza (177km/h max - 9.9s 0-100km/h)

82’ Toro (225km/h max - 5s 0-100km/h)

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I will update with the infos in other moment, some cars still need some details and deep configuration, like the SUV. I accept any suggestion for yours, or criticism…

83’ Bulb: it was a fun budget car, although it can run 0;100 in 12 seconds, it only can go till the 140km/h

95’ Hermes

09’ Nostag: It was made to be a collection car, a back to the 70’ with some news and a more strength engine

12’ Salvator: it will not be that low ok, calm down

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It is my first ad for one of my cars, and i liked the result too much, already have a idea for the bulb and got 2 exams next week, what i’m doing with my file following my brain…

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Although I made it for some csr and dont passed even the first phase, i liked it too much, so here it is, the car i liked more than my other cars, i got some others one but i havent printed it

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That car is a surprisingly convincing '80s-style vision of the cyberpunk future. I would have preferred color-coded or silver wheels, though.

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I made it to CSR at the last days with some other things that i forgot to change the wheels and the color of it, but i will change the colors and repost it here, since i liked it too much event dont going thru the finals. It doesnt run very well too

So I’m here to show another one CSR entry of mine. Since I’m very bad at engineering and at the CSR I start building something and end building other, I made a very sporty car for a “bold” competition, being the comfort hitting something like 10(wtf who would sit on this one). But I liked very much my exterior design, since it would look too much a 84’s “almost” super car.
And for the first time I made a car that is very fun to drive on BeamNG. If you like it I can put up the stats. But for simple its a 5L V8 that runs at the 230km/h maximum, does 5,8km/L and 0-100 in almost 6.3s. Still carries 1000kg and like i said, is very fun to drive.

and yeah, i forgot the window wipers but not the headlight ones


Nice! It kinda reminds me of the Cadillac Seville of the 1990s. What was your inspiration behind your design?

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I inspired the front on a Brazilian Gol 95’, it is almost the same front, but the rear i just saw that one here on the “inspiration set” of the CSR:
and i thought: Hmmmm I will do a rear light like this, there are some inspiration in the BMWs too, but the rear was almost “new”

Remembering that it was a entry to CSR 107 - Wake Up (It's 1984)

Oh, i just appear here to post my challenge entries car, so here is a update on that:

The Alfora TUPI WRC
(I really loved that car and that crearly transformers cinematic) it is a AGC3 entry

oh how i would love if my pc can handle beamng properly to make a REAL video ad for it




Alfora Meteora L 99’ → A csr 109 entry

yeah, it was a facelift from the 84’ one, and what a barge(i added a size comparison)

moar meteora 99' barge


Alfora Deer
( i love that one too) it was a agc2 entry




Hmmmmmmmmmm so here is more cars

18’ Alfora Angus City
Uses a 2.5L I6, made for CSR 111

01’ Alfora Boli 1.0T Modified by Aggressiva
Made for AGC5

(that first foto is my wallpaper)

The photos here is pretty hot

85’ Alfora CAYCC(Carry all you can catch)
it uses a 3.0L I4, can carry about 3400kg with 5000L cargo capacity and weights 1500kg(made for CSR 112)

bog things

95’ Jin Tori GRX by Alfora
it was made in the CDC and i almost remade all the car(sorry) and i loved it

moar "redesign't

90’ Alfora Pantera

Oh man, this is the first car that i made without being on a challenge for more than a year(the last one was the ZERO, that i will recreate any day now). It shows my “leveling up” on design and i really loved it, since i had learned much things and prolly made the most historically right in my automation car. Its a USDM car made for JDM. I will not enter in mechanical things cuz yeah, still a bigger problem, but the car is a RWD and the Sport Special Version carries a 3.0L Boxer-6 Turbo.

Normal trim

Comparation pics with the normal trim


95’ Alfora Pantera Facelift

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there is some cars that i still havent posted here, like the hotdog truck
its ordered by when the car was made, the Toro(purple one) is the forst, tha black prototype(ghost) is the almost-last one


90’ Alfora Hare
my mind started to working well again and i feeling creative again, i started a wave of creating new cars without being for a challenge, with the Ghost, The Pantera and now that Hare, i loved too much that one(you will see that some photos dont have indicator, its cause i forgot to put these and then went lazy to take all the photos back). A great thanks to balkanski for that partial pop-up trick.



20’ Alfora Ghost


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Luxury time
04’ Alfora Cavalier



19’ Cavalier Facelift



that difference of size :persevere:
but why you choose cavalier as a name if cavalier is shitbox
i dont even know a car named this existed, sorry


i tried making a commuter car
made a sportchy again

i need to accept my fate

90’ Alfora Johnny

That trim(will do a sport version later/expect a rally one too) is equipped with a 2.0 I4T creating 130hp on the rear wheels, come with all the advanced tech, including a cassette, makes 17mpg and costs 10000 dollars in the year it was produced(19000 in automation dollars).

more "normal" thing


here are some wips in what im working on
im making a redesign of Toro too and will prolly will rename hare after it


Alfora Blasphemus 20’LMP1
Oh yeah, i took more than a week to finish that one for waiting for the modded tailfin and dont knowing exactly what to do in it so here it comes


more photos



Do u remember this?

so yeah, i tried to remake it, but i realised it shouldnt be that way, so, here comes the new
92’ Alfora Zero

(it has a defroster on the rear window so i will take another photo later with less sun)
it has a 1.5T giving it 120hp

more mama's hot car photos

and a teaser for the new
2020’ Alfora Zero Sport

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20’ Alfora Ruby #52

its made for a AIT race called GNUCAR(a NASCAR 60 in 2020), it will receive some downgrades because of beam, and the look of it being much more than only a “stock car”. But well, i loved the “prototype” too much to not finish it, the non-mirrors are proposital, but yeah, i should make a version with mirrors

moar racing pics