Alissa Motors (Abandoned)

Established in 1975 and Defunct 2010 we made cars and electronics. Our famous models consist of the Fiero, Diego, LX Turbo Trim, Vamo, and the Carna. If you have any requests just ask.


Carna (Family Sedan)
Diego (Hatchback)
Fiero (Offroad SUV)
Gist (Small Hatchback/ Electric Hatchback)
Familyette (Family Wagon)
Car-go (Mini Cargo Van)
Kim (Boring Kei Car)
Vandago (Sports Wagon)
Vamo (MPV)
Micro (Lawnmower)
Jim (SUV)

Alissa Motors Badge 1975-1990

Alissa Motors Badge 1990-2010

1975-1980 Alissa Carna

The Alissa Carna was a simple car. Only coming in 2 variants a Slow 70HP Inline 3 making 30MPG or a 100 Horsepower Inline 5 making an unkown MPG. The Carna wasn’t quick but it got you there at a reasonable amount of time. It wasn’t very popular until the 1980’s when Alissa hit their peak. it ran through 4 Generations ending in 1995. The LX Turbo trim didn’t get added until 1988 and it had a bit of a MPG problem when it got to it’s later years, but the Carna was a nice little car beloved by elders taking it to church and moms buying the Hatchback or Wagon variant. In it’s first gen it sold 30 Million Units and combined to all the other generations it sold 449 million units in it’s run. Alissa did have plans to bring it back in 2004, but ultimately scrapped the idea. It will be forever known as “The Korean Car Done Right.”

1988-2008 LX Turbo Trim

The Diego was the first car to have the LX Turbo trim. LX Turbo is the highest trim Alissa had. It usually had a Turbocharged V6 until 2005 when they changed it to a Turbocharged I3 for MPG purposes in the company. The LX Turbo was most popular in the 80’s when it competed against popular sports cars at the time. It failed to get to the top but it was close to it. The “LX Turbo Koup” was the most popular trim with the “LX Turbo 4door” right behind it. The LX Turbo came out with a hatchback variant in 1996 with it only being in a Hatchback variant. Thus started the down fall of the LX Turbo trim. The main problem the first gen had was it’s suspension problem. It was too tall and caused a bit of a rollover problem. It wasn’t fixed until 1996 with the second gen. The sales went from 20 Million to 15 million to 4 Million units by 2008, and on July 4th 2008 they pulled the plug and ended the LX Turbo trim. It went from a sports car icon to a slow top trim no one wanted. The Diego lasted until the companies demise in 2010.

The next family hatch coming June 1976

1976-1983 Alissa Diego Gen 1.

The first gen Diego was a very light eco family car. It came with a 2.0L I3 making 100HP and 30MPG. It was popular, but not in america. Most models were sold mainly in Central to South America, Africa, Asia, and Russia. It was also designed by Russians (which explains the rear). Yes it was modest in North America. But wasn’t popular enough. Though they did still sell it until Gen 2 which is when it was very popular in North America. The demographic of people who mainly bought this car were self employed weed smoking Californians or parents getting it for their crazy also probably weed smoking teens. It had a bit of fame when it was featured as a main car in Bonefied Honified (not a real movie). When Colin DeFranco drove it as the “Little Spork”. You’ll mainly find them now-a-days in a Junkyard, India or any country like that, The hood, or just fully restored by car enthusiasts.

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1977-1982 Alissa Diego Police

The Police variant was sold only in countries like India or Russia. It had a turbocharged I3 making 140HP instead of 100HP. It did not really sell well at first, but got a bit more popular. It was not sold in North America or Central America. Though you can find imports around Canada and The United States now-a-days. The reason it wasn’t sold in North America is the obvious reason that their V8 land barge sedans would do better than a small unsafe hatchback, and before you ask. No they weren’t sold publicly. They were sold to the government of the countries.

1980-1988 Alissa Carna Gen 2.

The new family car on he block has arrived. With an I4 making 115HP and a 0-60 in 10 Seconds. This family sedan will get Timmy and Jimmy to soccer practice and you to yoga class and Starbucks. Alright commercial over. The Carna was the one that began the peak of Alissa Motors career. It did have an I4 making 115HP. Though the 0-60 time was actually 9 seconds, and most of the buyers were hippies since it was the most stoner looking and fuel efficient car on the market at the time. It also had a good rating when NBSI (National BeamNG Safety Initiation) crash tested the second gen Carna. Consumers were amazed how similar they could make the gen 2 Carna look like the gen 1 and also have a modern touch to it, and also with the Technological advance that was the design of the gen 3 Diego. It just made the company more popular than it already was.

I’m not sure in the early 80s a 2.0L 3 cylinders would be popular in north america

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Oh yeah, that makes sense now. Well I’ll change up my engine layouts from now on then and stay in the 1litres and lower. Until like the 90s I guess.

1975-1979 Alissa Gist Gen1

The Gist was the second car to be mass produced by Alissa Motors. This cute hatchback was originally made to be a family car but was switched to be marketed as a little beginners hatch. Gen1 comes with a 1.1L I4 making 50HP and 0-60 in 14 seconds. Since it was still the oil crisis it was pretty fuel efficient getting 23 Miles to the gallon take it since this was the 70s it was a pretty good gas rating for it’s time. It’s top speed was 95 MPH. The main demographic to buy it were people on a tight budget and parents getting teens a car. Gen1 was only sold in the EU, South Korea and a tad bit in NK, and The Middle East. Until Gen2 when it was finally sold in the U.S. and other countries.

1983-1986 Alissa Diego Gen2

The Diego is a small family hatchback made for daily uses.

The Diego comes in 3 different trims

BT: Is the baseline trim coming with an 800cc I3 making 70hp and 0-60 in 12s. It has an average mpg of 24 miles to the gallon and an msrp of $4,500.00

NT: is the second trim coming with a 1.4L I3 (Shown above) making 105hp and 0-60 in 10s. It has a luxury cloth interior and an average mpg of 22 miles to the gallon. The NT trim has an msrp of $6,500.00

ST: is the highest trim for the Diego coming with a 1.5L I6 making 115hp and 0-60 in 8s. It has an exclusive leather interior and the Alissa Max Sterio System. It has an average mpg of 18 miles to the gallon and an msrp of $8,800.00

Alissa Motors “Driving Cheap”

1983-1985 Alissa Familyette

The Familyette is a Family station wagon produced from 1983-1985 and 1998-2002.

The Familyette comes in 2 trims

BT: is the base line trim
: 1.4L I3
: 105hp
: 0-60 in 10s
: mpg: 25 miles to the gallon
Interior: Fully cloth interior with hard cheap plastic dash. Basic Cassette with regular seats
MSRP: $5,400.00 ($13,000.00 in inflation)

NT: is the highest trim for the Familyette
: 1.7L I4
: 115hp
: 0-60 in 9s
: mpg of 23 miles to the gallon
Interior: wool seats with cheap hard plastic. Standard Cassette with bench seat
MSRP: $7,000.00 ($17,000.00 in inflation)

Alissa Motors “Driving Cheap”

There’s already a car model from Daito with the same name as your brand - but I’ll give it a pass anyway.

Well. As long as the brands don’t have the same name like if Alissa was called Daito. Then that would be a problem, but I don’t really think having a company with the same name as one of your models would be a problem. One of the same things happend with Albatross Motors when I pointed out that the brand name was similar to one of Blaire’s models (my main company). I didn’t take it as an issue since they were basically 2 separate things. But it’s okay, like Albatross Motors I didn’t know until I found it.

Alissa Motors Trims

BT - Base Trim
NT - Nice Trim
ST - Sports Trim
LXTurbo - Luxury Xtra Turbo
LX - Luxury Xtra
LS - Luxury Sport

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