All Cars and Engines are Gone

Ok, cut to the chase i’m a bit of a dumbass and I moved the “My Games” folder out of OneDrive into my PC documents folder, and booted up the game to find all my cars and engines were gone. I freaked the hell out and moved the folder back to where it was, but it was still the same.

Interestingly, all my mods were installed, all the game settings were the same and so on, just cars and engines. In the automation folder, my screenshots are also still there.

These pictures may help to see if there is something missing:

If there is any other info that I can give will
I’ve just spent way too long on these almost 100 designs to lose them, I really hope i can get them back somehow

And also I haven’t exported anything to beam yet as i do not have it installed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

*also not that challenge scores are gone as well

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Also why u use the old version?
Newest is B190204 (B190208 had little problems).

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Your cars are there
You need to delete the Sandbox_openbeta.db and then rename the Sandbox_openbeta (2).db to Sandbox_openbeta.db


Killrob, you are a god.
Danced across the whole house when they all loaded back up
I can’t thank you enough, saved my damn life :joy: