All cars gone

Hello! I tried opening my game again today, but it turns out ALL my cars and engines have gone. When I open sandbox it’s just… emptyness. I am on the openbeta, and I run the newest version on max settings. There’s no error code or such. Please help or ask for any info you need!
Thanks in advance


I’d say confidently it’s the OB that’s doing it, never had that problem when I’ve always used stable.

I have had this happen. they are gone im afraid. you can reimport any cars you exported.

Didn’t export any… That means all my cars are gone. Guess I’m gonna uninstall the game. Files seem to be simply gone.

there is not even a database on the files?
when that happened to me, the database was there, it just not was recognized

Have you moved the game- files?

That can screw things up, I had this issue in the past:

  1. No, I didn’t move the game files, I just wanted to play again after like a month or so.
  2. Yes, the .db files are there, but the biggest one is only 1,4MB…

Most people just restarted the game and it was fine. I assume you’ve tried this though.

I’ll try restarting with and without launcher again today, wish me luck :slight_smile:

I had the same issue, and it’s apparently an issue that’s caused by the menu opening and closing too fast, and not loading any cars in. I made a car in the sandbox, and went out, and they were back as per usual. I guess it’s an issue involving the cars not being loaded in time for the menu to close out, so they don’t load.

That happened to some people, yes, including myself, and a restart just sorted that out.

Both tried restarting and waiting, neither worked. All progress is lost. I deleted the game of my PC now, I don’t want to do 110 hours of work all over again.

Sorry to hear that. You should never EVER expect to not lose your “work” while the game is in development, that will happen several more times before the game is complete and we have warned about that repeatedly. Also, you should not be “playing” the game if you consider it work. :slight_smile:


All my engines got wiped and new engines couldn’t be loaded a while back and recently the same thing happened to my cars. I did mild thinning of my cars occassionally but I didn’t bother with the engines. I think it involves hitting a cap of some sort and they no longer can be displayed (but probably still exist).

I deleted my databases and reimported my cars as those were the only really notable ones and that made both start working again btw.

Well yea Rob but making a car does take really long :sweat_smile: didn’t mean to literally call it work :wink::wink: I might reinstall the game once it’s done :smiley:

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Decided to accept my loss and just continue where I left off in my lore, I still have the pics on my pc, and the info is still on my Instagram :slight_smile: