All your cars on the test track

Hallo, im new here snd couldnt find this anywhere on the forum.
My question.
I like to have a race between all my cars.
Is this posible?
Ive seen on you tube there are races on the test track.
So can i do that between my own cars?
And how?

Thanks for youre reply.

There’s a test track tab in the final page for your car. There are two tracks in the game but many more that can be downloaded. On that page you’ll see performance stats as well as the option to run the car around the track.

The races you saw on youtube are based on a “third party” software developed by @Der_Bayer, called BROBOT
The game don’t have the feature to see all your car actually race between them.

You can see your cars run a single lap on the “test track” tab when the car is complete, but only one car at the time.
You can see a live race with live commentary this sunday. More info on the BRC thread here below.

I understand but is it possible to get this software?

No, it uses original game code and thus cannot be distributed.

Ok thanks.
You made a nice program for these races.
My compliments.

Then at least talk to the devs about making it a DLC :slight_smile:


That would be great