Alpha on the frontpage download?

I have downloaded and purchased this game a few days ago and when I did, it was the alpha version (1100 series) which is much more limited in choice than the open beta does.

However, I only found the beta through links buried in the forums, which probably isn’t a good idea to attract new people to this game.

I hope it isn’t too much to ask, but can the staff of this game please place the links to the beta of the game (1300 series) up as the download links on the front page to make things more convenient to everyone else that wants to play this game?

The launcher that you download from the front page should automatically update to version 1323, which contains the entire engine designer and about half of the car designer. much more than the 1100 series had. The beta version on the forums will not be added to the launcher for updating until it is more bug free than it is currently, but once it is fixed the launcher will automatically update to the fixed version

Hmmm, something isn’t quite right there, it should, as mentioned above, automatically update to version 1323, which is the latest stable and polished version. There is an optional open beta of the latest patch, but it’s just for folks who want to fiddle around with the new features and don’t mind that it’s buggy.