AlphaTech High Efficiency Premium engine line

AlphaTech is a line of engines which offer high drivability with peak torque delivered from low in the rev range and sustained to a high RPM. AlphaTech is focused on fuel efficiency and all engines in the ranger offer a minimum of 30% efficiency, and run on 95 Octane fuel

AP 100 offers 34% efficiency whilst providing 100HP and nealy 160NM of torque

The 1.6L Is available in 150 and 180 HP and both provide over 30% efficiency

(150HP shown)

As well as a 215HP 2L, there is the impressive 4.4L V8 which produces 400HP while returning 31% efficiency. This is a low volume premium engine as it is expensive and labor intensive

All new engine design, this is HAHEP (Hybrid Alternative High Efficiency Powertrain). This was focused on high efficiency with costs not as important as my other eco engines as an alternative to Hybrid powertrains. A low production volume engine for customers looking for extremely good fuel economy. The production costs are still reasonable compared to other engines I have seen.
a 1.5L GTDI with 100HP, 180NM and 37% effiecency