[ALR] Automation Live Racing - New Video!

You can’t make a “miniature” NASCAR in Automation, that’s not how it works

it’s in spec what can i say

sensei didnt make us follows this as it would drastically lower the amount of avaiable bodies

Submissions are closing soon! Finish up your cars if you’re working on them!

Hey, i wanted to know where do i find the car that i will upload
i am new in this forum haha, and also how do i make a pm

Cars appear in Documents\My Games\Automation\CarSaveExport, assuming you’ve hit the “export .car file” button. You should have the option to PM from clicking my forum name here, but if your forum account is too new to send files you can find us on Discord. There’s also people who can help set up the multiplayer.

Technically it’s now past the deadline for submitting cars, but if you’re almost done you can still submit it soon.

I am done, i should find you in the automation server?

Cars are in! It’s survey time! Don’t forget to vote to determine starting order, link below.

Winthorpe Roly-Poly - @pcmoreno

This car weighs an impressively low 561kg and makes the power limit with a 602cc I3 engine. It’s a id transverse configuration with drum brakes to save weight, a viscous LSD, and a basic audio system, but it makes use of adaptive dampers. 0-62 in 9.5s.

Hogai SS660 - @bilobilo

Another mid transverse car, meets the power limit with a 660cc B4 using SPEFI. 4-speed auto trans, vented discs. Weighs in at 667kg despite a standard interior and no power steering. Includes rear pushrod suspension. 0-62 in 12.7.

Jedamo Riaku - @Deltaz

Meets power with a very small 560cc I3 engine, though maybe a little narrow power curve. Also mid tranvserse, 5MT with a viscous LSD. Impressively, it has a luxury interior. 609kg, 0-62 in 9.5s.

Kiwik Express Sport - @Sigg610

This car uses a pickup body, and although it’s tall, it’s one of the lightest cars. Makes power with a typical engine, and it’s FWD. Notably it has a geared LSD. High tire stagger for an FWD, but that probably comes naturally for a car with 65% front weight. 0-62 in 9.1s!

GAA Ameri 0.5 - @SoccerMaster640

This car is a good bit larger than the IRL kei spec at 3.8m length and 1.6m width. It weighs in at 735kg, which is light but definitely heavier than the competition, even though it gets to use standard safety. 660cc I5 makes 62.7hp, and it’s front engine RWD in the spirit of its body style. Manual with VLSD, 0-62 in 11.8s. Like the little mini stock car racer it is, it tops out at 119mph, faster than some of the other entries.

Tom Hangsk - @stigx24536

This wild-looking car is the lightest of them all at 536.9kg. It makes power limit with an aluminum 624cc I3. The engine is in the rear, and it reaches 62mph in 8.2s! Weigh saving choices include +7 Mag Wheels, +1 Vented Discs all around, +5 Premium/Basic interior and a 3-speed manual! -3 safety quality is also worth about 12kg. Somehow this all comes in on budget. Crappy picture since Stig didn’t post one!

BCC Sapucay - @Remote_detonator (I think: in-game name wasn’t proper, remember changing the name of the .car file doesn’t affect the car’s name in-game!)

674kg, this classic-styled body is also in the “kei plus” size with a length of 3.45m. Power limit made with a front 660cc B4, and it’s RWD. 0-62 in 9.7s and tops out at 126mph. This car includes power steering, which most actually don’t.

Just 7 cars this time, it was a short schedule after all. Cars will be in the dropbox link in the OP.

Remember to join the server at least once before the race! It will be up tonight or tomorrow morning.

Survey Link!


Video from event #6 is done! It’s late but, oh well.


I missed one car that will be competing- @nev’s Hello Activio (name your car files properly and post them in the thread!)

I4 600cc FWD

I don’t want to remake the poll but I’m thinking it’ll go in the middle somewhere. :wink:

On a roll! Now I just need to not wait a month before finishing the video for the upcoming event. :wink:



Starting order for today’s race:

Heat 1:
1st @bilobilo
2nd @pcmoreno
3rd @nev
4th @stigx24536

Heat 2:
1st @Deltaz
2nd @Sigg610
3rd @Remote_detonator
4th @SoccerMaster640

Race starts in 3 hours!

ALR #8 is finished! @stigx24536 placed first in the championship heat, followed by @Deltaz, @bilobilo and @nev. That means stig gets to suggest the next race theme.

Due to technical difficulties there might not be an official video for this one. KissMP was not cooperating so from my perspective, the cars are all rubber-banding a few times a second and it doesn’t make for great viewing.

Automation Live Racing #9: Luxury Highway Pull slow car lol

Welcome to the the place for live multiplayer racing in BeamNG! This will be a competition to determine the best combination of car and driver.

To play, you will need BeamNG, The BeamMP Multiplayer Mod as well as Automation.
Details on how to install mods, and links to our discord and dropbox, are in the ORIGINAL POST. Yes, we've switched back to BeamMP again.



It is 2011, and this year’s Automagazine Manufacturer’s Challenge is focused on luxury cars. These cars must be among the most spacious and comfortable a customer can possibly buy. At the same time as they must be comfortable for long journeys, they must also be able to show off: speed on the highway is the ultimate way to make everyone around you know that your car is better. While these are heavy cars and tight handling isn’t a priority, they will need to be able to handle bends at speed. Automagazine is searching for a county which will allow their highways to be closed for a race that will demonstrate which manufacturer makes the true highway star.

The Race

Track: 3 Laps around the Gull Coast Highway, counterclockwise. Start/finish is marked by the dock.
Contact: No deliberately pitting, brake checking, or ramming drivers off the road.
Heats: Maximum 6 cars per heat. Number of heats depends on number of participants. Most drivers should race in two heats; one qualifying heat and one heat to determine final position.
Appearance Poll: Qualifying will be based on appearance poll! Top qualifiers will place into new heats first- EG the 2nd best voted car will be 1st on the grid in Heat 2, then 3rd would be either 1st in Heat 3 or 2nd in Heat 1 depending on the number of heats.
Schedule: Race is tentatively scheduled for 1:00PM US-CST on Friday, May 28th. Cars must be submitted by morning the day before!
Pre-Qualifier: To prevent issues with users connecting on race day, EVERYONE MUST CONNECT TO THE SERVER BEFOREHAND. The server will be up after cars are submitted. Just join any time and say hello if I’m in Discord, or take a screenshot showing you’ve connected successfully. Most race days we spend 80% of the time dealing with getting people into the server so this should save a lot of time.


Teams: One driver per team, and one or more car designers. You may be a one-person team. No driver or designer may participate in multiple teams. When submitting your car, include your Driver’s name and control type (EG Steering Wheel, Gamepad, Keyboard).
Naming: Name your Model and Engine Family “ALR9-Username” and submit the .car file to me on the forums (not discord).
Picture: (NEW) Post a picture of your car in the thread when submitting. I will use your picture (or first picture if there are multiple) for the poll!
Schedule: To be included in the poll, and to give time for pre-downloads, cars must be submitted by 09:00 US-CST on Thursday, May 27th. The race will be in the afternoon the following Friday!
Pre-Download: When the poll goes up, all the car files will be in the dropbox, linked in the OP. It is strongly recommended that you download them ahead of time instead of when trying to join the server. See the OP link for mod installation instructions in order to make them work with BeamMP or KissMP. Remember to download this and PRE QUALIFY BEFORE THE RACE by connecting to the server!



Car Requirements

Year: Trim year 2011
Total Estimated Cost: $80,000 or Less
Service cost: $3000 or less
Maximum Engineering Time: 160
ANY Drive Type
Seats: Minimum 4 Full Seats
Minimum Quality: -4 on any part
NO: Full Aluminum Body, Full Carbon Fiber Body/Chassis, Space Frame. The other stuff that’s usually banned is allowed, however.
NO Manual Locker/Auto Locker
Minimum Safety: 60
Minimum Comfort: 60 (55 if MANUAL)
Minimum Practicality: 30
Minimum Offroad: 1
Minimum Market Score: 110 in Luxury Premium, Gasmea Only
Minimum Gas Mileage: 10 MPG (US)
Tires: Max width 265mm. Staggered tires may average 265mm. No Semi-Slick. Max +4 Quality.
NO Wing Fixtures

Engine Requirements

Year: Variant 2011
Maximum Engineering TIme: 160
Max Displacement: 2cc/kg
NO Turbo
NO Race Parts
Fuel: Premium Unleaded
Minimum Quality: -4 on any part
Maximum Loudness: 35
Catalytic Converter Required
Maximum Stress: 0% in any category. (NO STRESS)


-You can use ESC for this! If you do, make sure you set it to Sport Mode or it will slow you down.
-Watch out for brake fade! There’s a couple heavy braking points.
-The north stretch has hills which can be jumps. Slow down to keep your car intact.
-It is NOT RECOMMENDED to model the interior of cars for BeamNG racing as this tends to add weight in beam and makes the model more complicated.
-DO NOT FORGET TO PRE-QUALIFY!!! I will bring the server up all day thursday!
-Do not forget to post a picture of your car. You can post multiple if you want.
-We will be using BeamMP. You may need to set your user folder for BeamMP manuall with the option in the launcher.
-Go to the original post and click the Discord link if you need help!



You forgot to mention one thing: A catalytic converter should be mandatory as well.

Ah, yeah, definitely going to want that. Requirement for cats has been added.

Any Fuel type?

Premium Unleaded only.

The first official entry is from Winthorpe Motors:

Heron Royal 8/2