Alternate Universe Cars (AUC) - 12 Spots Left

Welcome to my 2nd ever challenge, the previous one was connected to UR2D2 but not today. This challenge is a long one (148 days long), meaning commitment will be needed but it will be fun! The main goal of this challenge is to recreate the real life car market, but you are your own company (e.g. Toyota, Chevrolet, etc.). They don’t have to be copies of real cars, as we will have fantasy brands (which I have already made, further explanation down below) with each of them having a perk, market and reputation. The challenge will start once we have all players filled and have had picked their companies.


Time systen & points:
Every 3 days 1 year will pass, and every 5 years you are forced to either make a facelift or stop production of a car. Every company can make a maximum of 6 cars a year and max 2 of each type (Coupe, Sedan, Wagon, Hatchback, SUV, MPV, Van, Truck, Convertable, Off-Road). The challenge starts at 1946 and ends in 2023. Every time you submit a new car/facelift you will earn points (also explained below) based on looks, stats and driving feel in The judges will be everyone! Every 3 years we will host a meeting and vote on everyone’s car of the past, this can also mean you can rack up points with an 8 year old car if it still looks/handles great. There will also be given points where you can submit a car to earn extra points, this section will mostly focus on sports performance meaning if you make a sports car, you can earn extra points! There is also a section for economy/everyday cars, both of these will be listed below VP (Voted Points). Also, I will create a storyline that will tell you everything that is going on, think of it as the news or something.

Just a quick thing, there will be market updates! (I will control them, but I will base them off of real life market changes). Basically they will put out small rules that you have to follow (by small I mean 1 or 2 things).

Explanation format for the VP below:
-Category (Market demands) (points)

Voted Points (the points that we will vote on) will be awarded like so:
-Looks (3pts)
-Driving in (3pts)
-Price (2pts)
-Sound (2pts)
-Best Sports (Sportiness & Drivability) (2pts)
-Best Everyday (Reliability & Comfort) (2pts)
-Best Off-Road (Off-Road) (2pts)
-Best Luxury (Prestige & Comfort) (2pts)
-Best Family Car (Safety & Drivability) (2pts)
-Best Truck (Towing capacity & Off-Road) (2pts)
-Best Convertible (Convertible & Prestige) (2pts)
-Best Compact (Hatchback & Reliability) (2pt)
-Best Van (Van & Reliability) (1pt)
-Best Economy (high mpg) (1pt)
-Best Fun Car (Power & Drivability) (1pt)
-Best Muscle (American cars only: Sportiness in a 2-door) (1pt)
-Best JDM (Japanese Sedans only: Sportiness/drivability) (1pt)
-Best European Manual (European Manuals only: Drivability) (1pt)

Given Sports Points (the points that are given by the stats/performance of the car):
-Track Time (Automation Test Track) (2pts)
-1/4 Mile (2pts)
-Weight (lower the better) (2pts)
-Top Speed (1pt)
-1 mile (1pt)
-0-60mph (1pt)
-Braking (1pt)

Given Economy/Everyday Points (the points that are given by the stats/comfort of the car):
-Mileage (2pts)
-Low Cost (2pts)
-Drivability & Comfort & Safety (combined total) (2pts)
-Load Capacity (1pt)
-Off-Road (1pt)
-Utility (1pt)
-Emissions (1pt)
-Passenger Volume (1pt)
-Practicality (1pt)

Now that I’ve listed the points, you can earn a total of (32+10+12, in order) 54 points every 3 years (aka 6 days). The winner at the end (the challenge ends at 2020) is the one with the most points, simple. Only the cars that are submitted to me (through the discord server linked below) will be eligible for points, and the cars that you wish to earn Given Points/Extra Points with need to be submitted in the separate channel (in discord).

Now for the companies, I will list them below and all their stories and traits and even specialties!
*RLC stands for Real Life Counterpart(s) and specialties are rules for the company
^symbol means that this company is currently/already taken.

American Muscle/Economy:
Greene - Trait: Cheap compact cars with sick Muscle cars. Specialty: No Aluminium at all (engine materials included). RLC: Chevrolet (Founded in 1932 by Gerald Greene in Detroit, Michigan he started out as a “heavy lifter” car brand)

Nevada - Trait: Very fast muscle cars and great trucks. Specialty: RWD only until 1980! RLC: Ford (Michael Harper and John Sweaker co-founded the brand in Los Angeles, California and named it after the desert state, Nevada)

Brics - Trait: Muscle is their definition, and they provide with power in every car they sell. Specialty: Panel Material can only be Steel (not treated) until 2005. RLC: Dodge (Burch Walker moved over to the US to pursue his dream of owning a Casino, but after 20 years of no success he saw Greene Car Company as a super successful tycoon with no competition, so he decided to be one. Founded in 1937 Columbus, Ohio)

American Premium/Family Sport:

^Hyone - Trait: Premium and Sport combined is any car fanatics dream. Specialty: Must use best available safety. RLC: Cadillac (Founded by Tim Perrey in 1940 after the boom of the car industry. He wanted to make something special instead of the same as Greene or Brics, so he made luxurious cars. But he saw no sales turning to a premium car brand instead. Founded in Chicago, Illinois)

Gentech - Trait: Technology and Comfort like never before. Specialty: Must use best available power steering and +3 quality. RLC: Chrysler (Richard Bailey opened up it’s factory after failing to buy a part in Hyone in late 1941 to compete with Hyone after seeing success in their sales. Generational Technologies promises modern comfort at a reasonable price. Founded in Nashville, Tennessee)

Two Four - Trait: An average premium family car company. Specialty: Chunky Off-Road or All Terrain from 1980 tyres only. RLC: Jeep/Lincoln (Branching off Greene Car Company, Sterling Hopkins, British engineer was put in charge to lead Two Four to family comfort heavens. Founded in 1939 in Detroit, Michigan. Later in 1942 another British man and investor bought the company splitting from GCC)

Japanese Reliable:

Letsun - Trait: Quick and sporty but still reliable. Specialty: AWD only from 1990. RLC: Honda/Acura (Fujikeo Tasawa founded his automotive company in 1933 in Osaka, Japan to give the people long lasting cars)

Lattachi - Trait: Nothing can beat their reliability. Specialty: Minimum 55 Reliability in every car. RLC: Toyota/Lexus (After Yamazaki Hotaru’s mother passed away in a car accident because her engine exploded, he dedicated all his money to provide the people of the world reliable cars that last for hundreds of thousands of miles. Founded in 1938 Tokyo, Japan)

Korean Economy:

Kyoku - Trait: Cheap and good looking cars. Specialty: Maximum Cost 55,000 from 1990. RLC: Kia (Noone knows who founded Kyoku, but they started out selling plane engines to the British in WWI and changed markets as the war was over. Founded in Seoul, South Korea)

Biyong - Trait: Mileage so good you could drive around the whole world on 5 gallons. Specialty: Minimum 30mpg (US) from 1990. RLC: Hyundai (While Kyoku started selling cars in 1934, it wasn’t long after they got their competitor just 2 months after. They also were based in Seoul, South Korea and formed a direct rivalry with the only other Korean car manufacturer)

European Economy/Compact:

Manon - Trait: City compact cars, and easy to park. Specialty: FWD only after 1990. RLC: Renault/Peugeot (French physicist Beclour Manon was working for Werkley’s as a chassis designer, and in 1940 he made a revelation that he can fit everything in a tiny automobile. He left Werkley and got investors to fund his company and started Manon and France’s first and only motor company. Founded in 1941 Marseille, France)

Werkley - Trait: The original car. Specialty: Maximum 6 cylinder engines. RLC: Ford/Vauxhall (Bill Werkley was working on plane engines during WWI when he decided to build a chassis and put an engine in it. To nobody’s surprise it worked! He founded Werkler Motors in 1919 to sell engines for other uses but started manufacturing cars in early 1921. Founded in London, United Kingdom)

European Luxury:

Degari - Trait: Best sounding cars out there. Specialty: Hand Made interior only. RLC: Alfa Romeo/Maserati (Mertera Degari Flavio produced tank engines to Italy after WWI but didn’t see many sales as the world calmed down, so he decided to make cars. But his engines were too powerful for such cars, so he decided to make luxurious coupe’s and never ever build them in a factory)

Caytatts - Trait: English luxury at it’s finest. Specialty: Best available entertainment is a must. RLC: Rolls-Royce/Bentley (Founded in 1936 in Birmingham, United Kingdom with the goal of providing luxurious rides to the noblemen)

JMU (Jobbe-Motors Unternehmen) - Trait: Premium and sporty, not so reliable. Specialty: Maximum reliability 40. RLC: BMW/Audi (German engineer and designer created the first sporty car in 1944, but he founded his company in 1930 to develop better and more cost effective engines. Founded in Frankfurt, Germany)

Only Sports/Hypercars:

Terzimo - Traits: V8 go vroom. Specialty: No turbos. RLC: Ferrari/Lamborghini (Spanish investor Juan Piattini and Italian tractor mechanic Luigi Braggerno started up after competing in the Italian Supercup and winning it. They realized there is no market for supercars, so they became. Founded in 1941 Naples, Italy)

Kalte - Traits: Top Speed matters, and they do it best. Specialty: Minimum compression ratio of 12.0:1. RLC: Koenigsegg (Finnish millionaire Lask Kalte founded his car company after competing in race tournaments in Sweden, deciding to dominate the competition with his cars. Founded in 1944 Helsinki, Finland)

That’s it for now. For any questions or issues please join the discord and ask me anytime! I will update rules and info if there are any suggestions or ideas. :slight_smile:


I won’t use Discord anymore. Can I still join?


Here’s my take on the manufacturers’ specialties:

I take that to mean they must not use any materials that contain aluminum for panels, chassis or engines in any of their vehicles.

Does this limit them to just regular steel before then, or can they use treated steel (available from 1994 onwards) as well?

In other words, that company always chooses the most advanced safety suite available for the current era.

The name of that company sounds like that of a genetic engineering division… Anyway, I think “best” means “most suitable”; for example, regular (non-variable) electric power steering is not a good fit for performance cars.

AWD is only available from 1981 in the sandbox, and even then, only for longitudinally mounted engines until 1990, when it can also be applied to transversely mounted engines. At any rate, the AWD-only stipulation makes this company reminiscent of Subaru, which has had a mostly AWD lineup for decades now, with such exceptions as the rear-drive BRZ (although to be fair, that car is essentially a GT/GR86 by another name).

Does this value refer to trim reliability?

Is this figure in US mpg or UK mpg?

In other words, that company is obligated to use the most expensive in-car entertainment suite for the current era.

Again, I’m assuming this refers to trim reliability, but the stated value is far too low even for later years (1980s onward) - even by the 1990s, my premium/luxury builds managed trim reliability scores from the mid-50s to the low-60s.

Given the lack of superchargers so far, that means their entire lineup, from beginning to end, must be normally aspirated.

This effectively forces them to use the most advanced fuel system for the era - they must adopt mechanical injection as soon as it becomes available, then do the same for multi-point EFI and again for direct injection. I’m not mentioning single-point EFI because it can only have one throttle body, which limits maximum output.

All things considered, I am not entirely sure if I can commit to this for nearly half a year, but if I were to enter, my preferences would be Nevada and Terzimo given my penchant for natural aspiration and RWD.


Hi, im not sure if i’ll be working on this project, but Shimmel told me that he’ll answer questions ASP when hes home.

I run most of my things on Discord, and I require Discord for my challenges, sorry.

Alright so I updated some stuff. Thanks for pointing out the AWD for Letsun, I guess the source was outdated that I was using. Anyways to the questions (in order)
Yes, no Aluminum at all.
Only regular steel, not treated
Yeah it does, but BMW is generic as well (stands for Bavarian Motor Company) so name wise it shouldn’t matter too much and for the power steering, they must always use the newest one, whether it works or it doesn’t on the car
I changed the AWD, thanks for pointing it out
Yes it refers to the trim reliability
US, I updated it so it won’t be confusing again
Yeah, that’s their whole thing
Yes trim reliability. The reason why they must have max 40 reliability is for difficulty, some brands are easier and some are harder. It’s your choice (if you participate) if you want an easy or hard challenge
Yeah, everything NA
I changed Kalte’s specialty as you have a good point.

It’s ok, the reason why I’m posting this because I’m doing it either way, even if noone joins. I want to make an entire alternate car universe for and I thought it’d be cool to bring more people in for more creativity. But it’s up to the players if they want to join, it’s not a serious competition. Even if you stop after 1960, the company will act as bankrupt and your cars would still live on in the votes and beamng :slight_smile: (of course we need people who will commit to the whole thing, but even if half the players stop at some point It’s be like De Tomaso or Oldsmobile or etc.)

Hope this helps

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Shame that this is even an allowed thing on the forum. It’s like requiring someone to join Facebook to post a thing, or similar. Opt ooout.

Well, I run things on discord as it’s easier to keep track of everything and to sort everything. It depends on the host ofc, but I use discord. So, sorry if you were interested.

I really love this idea, but I do see one potential problem.

This timeline feels faster than I think many people will be able to keep up with, as it would require a new car every 10 days. If you’re finding trouble getting participants, you might want to consider either lengthening how long a year takes (3/4 days per year instead of 2), or lengthening how long a single generation/facelift of car can last (8/10 years instead of 5).

Also, would any of the following be allowed?

  • “Skipping” a few generations (e.g. stopping after 1960, but then picking up again in the 90’s)?
  • Having 2 people share a brand, or having one person “pass on” a brand to another person (assuming, of course, that neither person has involvement in any other brand)?

Hey, great points. I don’t know if lengthening the timeline is a good idea, since this would already take 6 months, but we’ll see how it goes and will make adjustments if needed. As for the generation skipping, yes it is possible like irl with De Tomaso, but you’d have to wait the 30 years to do that. It is possible to pass on ownership of course. I will list that in discord later today.

Agreed. As it stands, the current schedule is actually too fast-paced for most of us. Lengthening the period for years and facelifts may indeed make sense for those of us with more hectic schedules.

I can lengthen it but than it’s gonna be a 10-11 month challenge. I have updated it, also the maximum amount of cars a lineup can have

Having thought about it a bit more, I think this might actually be a bigger barrier to entry than the timeslot.

The way it works right now, every company has to have a minimum of one new car out every half month (15 days). If, for whatever reason, they miss this deadline, they then have to wait a whole 3 months before they can participate again.
That’s very unforgiving to the person who, say, gets swamped with a ton of college essays this coming November; or has their computer stolen, and must wait 3 weeks for the replacement. (and keep in mind, when dealing with unknown people on the internet, you’ll most likely never be told directly about these events).

Perhaps a system like this would work better: the challenge goes back to the 6-year period, and players are allowed to skip any given generation without submitting anything. But if they fail to participate for 2/3 whole generations, without giving you any reasonable explanation of why and/or indication of when they’ll return, you declare the player as “idle,” and put out a notice offering to let any new player come and take over the brand; the first person to successfully submit a car for the brand becomes the brand’s new owner.
The lore explanation for a brand missing a generation or 2 could be either a). The brand simply continued selling what it already had (as it’s not unheard of for real life cars to last 10 or more years), or b). none of the brand’s cars during that period were interesting enough to win anything in the votes.

Oh you misunderstood stood it or i wrote it wrong. It was an example, but there is no generation skipping, if you miss a deadline it’s ok, your last gen cars will be put to vote and I will ask if you are still active, if not I’ll either close the company (turning it into a classics company like Plymouth, etc.) Or give it to someone.

And also that’s a good idea, that could also be a 3rd option.


Will you post here when the challenge gets reinstated? Love the idea and I’ve got my eye on the economy car manufacturer. ;D

Hey, only reason why it’s paused ATM is lack of players and also I’m focusing my time on another challenge currently. But you can join the discord server and I’ll let you know when we continue:)