Alternative payment methods

I have gotten enough interest to buy this game now, but first of,
The information that claims “PayPal account not required” is a lie.
I get transfered to their page when pressing the buy button, and I looked everywhere but i do need to log in.
And now the real problem
I tried to complete the transaction with Paypal, it said the transaction failed, yet PayPal took 6 SEK (one dollar) from each time I tried and it failed, so in total I lost 18 SEK on some bullshit that the transaction was not going through.

I am now forever scared of PayPal, will never link it to my real account since it just fucks my money up.

So my question is, will you guys have it available so I can do a direct buy through here?
I dont want stupid paypal as a middlehand.
Most shops has that option, but the one I want is just direct pay with Mastercard/Visa!

You should be able to pay though paypal just with a credit card, without signing up for a paypal account - see the attached screenshot for what to click on.

It should automatically refund the dollar it tries to take if the transaction fails. If they haven’t, I’d say you’d need to contact PayPal to get that refunded.

Unfortunately it’s really difficult for an Australian small business to get on a lot of the other payment providers, so if PayPal doesn’t work, you may need to wait until we’re on Steam sometime next year, then you can pay with almost anything.

Hahaha what the fuck this is retarded.
I pressed that and it worked fine, look:

Okay so I press continue:

And the best part:

SKYDDAT BELOPP is on english “PROTECTED PAYMENT” (something like that)
And yeah, as you see, every time with or without paypal account it does this.
Its scary as fuck and I contacted Paypal and will not even try once more, this was really frightening

Note: This criticism is full for PayPal, not your company.
I just wish there was other ways to buy, but I understand this is (yet) a small game

This is fucked up indeed :frowning: Sorry you’re having such an unnecessarily hard time with this. I hope fewer people will have these kinds of problems once we are on Steam in the Early Access program.

You think even the Early access will take about one year from now to get going?

If so, I will try to get things straight with Paypal, if its within months… Ill just wait instead

We plan on getting on Early Access once the Car Designer is feature complete and polished up. So far this looks like it’ll be early 2014. :slight_smile: Next update is due at the end of the week, then the next (including suspension stuff and aerodynamics) at the end of the year.

Early 2014… Hmm, yeah I will keep a conversation with PayPal, and see what happens.

BTW, one random question,
Will you eventually make it possible to use the accerlator thing with gears? So you can test the engine with transmission?

That would be very low priority, but interesting :slight_smile: so it is on the radar, but yet far away.

Just as a note, I have had this happen elsewhere with Paypal, taking the token value for a failed transaction multiple times. 3 days later, they were refunded with no other action on my part.

God damn!
It worked with IE, but not Chrome!
Or it may just have been a damn co-incidence…
I also removed the spaces there is on the card number, maybe that fucked it up…

Alright, this thread can be closed!