Aluminium Pistons

So, I work as a Stock Engine Rebuilder in Germany, mostly with newer Engines. Outside of Diesels and some Old Stuff, the Number of Petrol Engines with Iron, wether Forged or Cast, I know is extremely Small, except for some Mercedes’s.
Pretty much all Petrol Engines I get to put together has Aluminium Pistons. And even a whole Bunch of Classic Economy Cars, like Opel Kadett, Fiat 500 and 2CV use them.

What is the best ingame Equivalent to Aluminium Pistons? Can’t be cast, as they run a lot cooler, which is why they are so common in modern high Compression Engines, and they can’t be forged, because they are lighter and less Tolerant to extreme Torque.

In my Experience they are the most common Petrol Piston out there.

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Actually, all types of pistons in Automation are made from aluminum (or more precisely, some sort of aluminum alloy), with the main difference being in the manufacturing process.

Most pistons (including heavy-duty, hypereutectic and low-friction pistons) are made using casting, in which molten metal is poured into a mould and left to solidify before machining. Forged pistons, on the other hand, are made using forging, in which an aluminum billet is stamped in a die at high pressure.


In-game description says that they all made from aluminium and silicon. This means that an official wiki information is, most probably, incorrect.

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