Amazing engine sound simulation

DISCLAIMER: I don’t want it to turn to any form of pressure to the devs! I’m sharing it mostly because I think it’s very cool and in line with what our community might be interested in. If the devs get interested too - great, but don’t force them to.

This genius made an apparently accurate physical simulation of the engine that makes realistic sounds. They are somewhat muted IMO, but still, amazing.


We’ve already been in contact with Ange about this.


When I saw this project I immediately though about what could it mean for Automation :heart_eyes: :crossed_fingers: that something great for all of the involved parties and us will come out of this.


Yes would be a great update for sure. In fact I suspect that this gentleman’s talents are only being barely touched upon.

Also, the current v12 sounds awful and overblown, so hopefully two for one solution if this idea is used.

Lowering the volume and giving it a smoother “voice” throughout the rev range would work.

Oh man, I think I just came