AMC Reincarnated - 1990

The year is 1990. AMC doesn’t dissolve but instead debuts a new Eagle and Pacer, while the Gremlin and Rambler are reintroduced as a pickup and SUV. All are powered by a 140hp 2.5L inline 6.




*EDIT - new Rambler and Gremlin pics.


Yes! This is so cool! I would love to see this progress into 2020s. A new Javelin could be introduced, maybe as a sports coupe, Suv, or minivan. I might do something like this to, just with a brand like studebaker or De Soto

This is what the 1990 AMC lineup would have looked like if Chrysler hadn’t shuttered it right after buying it out. In that case, they would not have had to establish the short-lived Eagle brand in its place.

Does your reincarnation include any V8 engine options?

Made the 5.0L version of the AMC V8 - planning to put it in the Rambler and in the Eagle in coupe form as the AMX. I think I have it making 240hp, but that seems very high for 1990.

Eagle seems not quite crossover enough. Otherwise, pretty good.

I know the 360 made around 160 horsepower throughout the 1980s, that includes its final year in 1991.

These would be the V8s. The AMC AMX is the Eagle coupe in V8 form, while the AMX 5X is a fastback hatchback sedan (effectively the V8 Eagle sedan), with AWD.

Since the Pacer kinda had Javelin vibes, I stuffed the V8 in a coupe version and gave it a monochromatic look, AWD and a higher level of tech than the other AMC models.


Made some 2010 era AMC Eagles.


And a Gremlin - now a 3 door shooting brake style hatch.