Amuna Performance (Revised)

Amuna Performance was formed in 2001, and rose from the ashes of Revero Racing to become one of the most prominent performance/utility manufacturers in today’s market.

The 2020 Amuna S300, designed with performance in mind

Left: Amuna S300 V8 T, 5914cc NA OHV V8, 389hp @6100rpm, 401 lb/ft @4000rpm, RWD, 199mph, 0-60 3.8s, 18mpg (combined), 1515kg, from $102,000
Right: Amuna S300 V12 S, 5975cc NA DOHC V12, 626hp @7800rpm, 462 lb/ft @5600rpm, RWD, 227mph, 0-60 3.3s, 26mpg (combined), 1544kg, from $131,000


The Amuna S100 draws on the S300’s design and moves it to a comfortable, front engined super GT

Model shown: S100 V12 S. Other models include S100 V8T & S100 V12 SX by R-RPM

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