An engine for the LFA's little brother

If there was one. I give you…drum roll…the LFA inspired v8.

Type: 72degree NA v10
Displacement: 4,805cc
Compression ratio: 12.0:1
Valvetrain: DOHC 4-valve dual VVT-i
bore/store: 88mm x 79mm
Redline: 9,000rpm
Power: 412kw @ 8,700rpm
Torque: 480nm @ 6,800rpm / 90% available from 3,700rpm

This engine:
Type: (pretend) 72degree NA v8
Displacement: 3,844cc
Compression ratio: 12.0:1
Valvetrain: DOCH 4-valve VVt/VVL
Bore/Stroke: 88mm/79mm
Redline: 9,000rpm
Power: 340kw@ 9,000rpm
Torque: 402nm @ 6,800rpm / 90% available from 3,000rpm

Now just need a body to put it in. Somebody design something, lol.
LFA v8Rev0.lua (52.1 KB)

Well done! Great engine! Here’s my attempt on the baby Lexus… :smiley: (i’ll upload a picture in a short while)

Lexus LFARev0.lua (52 KB)

Torque is a bit off but oh well :laughing:

when the full engine build as in up to the V16s are released sometime Next Year (or sooner but thats for the admins to know and for us to guess at) I am building an in game LFA engine lets see if that Thermonuclear mind mashing Japanese engine is possible or have the Japanese yet again broken the laws of physics LOL